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The J.R. Church TV Studio Fund Update

By on May 31, 2012

Just yesterday I took a deep breath and tepidly handed Linda Church an invoice for $65,000. Yes, that is a lot of money, but her smile told me it was OK. I am pleased to tell you that our new television cameras have been ordered and will soon be on their way! We have no doubt the Lord has provided us with exactly what we needed. He led us to two local men—audio and video experts, who quickly laid out a plan of action in three carefully orchestrated phases.

Phase One of our studio upgrade is nearly complete and all we can say is — THANK YOU! These upgrades are long overdue and will open doors that have been closed for various reasons—our 15-year old equipment being chief among them. Video technology has changed rapidly in the last few years. iPhones, iPads, HDTV, Vimeo, YouTube, Blu-Ray, high speed computers . . . we are very pleased to be joining the HDTV generation and sharing God’s word in crystal clear, living color.

We have so many of you to thank— incredibly generous friends who have caught the vision and given sacrificially to bring J.R.’s dream to life. Words can’t adequately describe the emotions we feel when we see 250 gift letters in our mailbox. Or watching the look on Linda’s face when she opens a letter to find a check for $10,000 inside with a note that says “Use this money to win many to Christ.” I can’t even write those words without getting emotional about the things God is doing. We just want each of you to know how much we appreciate your faithful support and how careful we are with your investment in this ministry.

J. R. provided the impetus for this project 3 years ago when he decided to construct a new television studio in a place that used to house a dirt courtyard. His vision for the future, a future that he knew might not include him, was a wise decision for the ministry. This TV Studio effort is being done in his name and in his memory.

Gary and I have worked diligently for the past two months, enlisting the aid of these two experts, who are helping us construct a modern television studio, complete with new high-definition cameras, pneumatic tripods and something called a Rasterizing
Waveform and Vector scope!

And here I thought that launching our first Prophecy Conference in Branson would be our big challenge for the year! Our new cameras will be traveling with us to Branson and recording the speakers in glorious, high-definition video, so when you come by to say hello, check out our new cameras, knowing you had a part in this!

In the mid-1990s, the Lord opened a door that allowed our program to be aired in homes all across the nation, a real miracle. Our first week’s airing was a real shocker. Our 5 little phone lines lit up like a Christmas tree for HOURS, as people from all 50 states tuned in to hear J. R. and Gary for the first time. I can still hear many of those excited voices, marveling at what they‘d seen and heard. J.R. and Gary were excited too — finally they had a nationwide platform! We received so many calls that first day we were forced to hire an answering service!

But as quickly as that door opened, the Lord closed it. Word came down that programming changes were being made, but we learned that one of the network bigwigs didn’t like our premillennial theology. Now, that worldwide door has been flung open again, this time on a much larger scale. Today, we find ourselves much better prepared to share the Gospel message with billions of people.

Phases two and three of the project add two pneumatic studio tripods that will help us protect these expensive cameras and give our program a more interesting, professional look. HDTV also creates the need to upgrade in multiple departments — monitors, computers, software, batteries, camera cases, memory cards, cables, storage systems and hard drives. Our goal is to upgrade this studio once and for all — and then wait for the trumpet sound — which may not be much longer!

Will you help us finish the J.R. Church TV Studio Fund? We are extremely grateful for what has come in so far, but we know that in order to finish the project, we are only about halfway home. Gary Stearman put it this way when he said, “Bob, God is going to provide us with just enough to give us exactly what He wants us to have.”

Your tax-deductible donations of any amount are always welcome. We want you to be able to say that you contributed to the J. R. Church TV Studio Fund, no matter if it’s $5.00, or $10,000.

We’ve added two nice bonuses as an added incentive. For those who are able to contribute $100, we want to send you a choice of two bonuses. Choice #1 is the J. R. Church DVD collection, 12 of J. R.’s favorite messages on 12 DVDs, many given before a live audience. Choice #2 is one of our favorites, the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible, finished in beautiful, burgundy-bonded leather in the KJV format.


As our days on Earth grow shorter, we want to be about the Lord’s business, doing our best for Him. Give as the Lord leads and I know He will bless you in a special way. Once again, THANK YOU, one and all, from the bottom of our hearts.

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