September 2011 Magazine

By on August 31, 2011

Israel: Squeezed Between Egypt and Syria

Since achieving statehood in 1948, Israel has been the focus of repeated enemy action. They have fended off many attempts to exterminate them, partly due to the fact that their enemies were never fully unified. Now, that is rapidly changing. The Islamic Brotherhood may soon control both Egypt and Syria.
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The Mystery of Asenath

The Patriarch, Joseph, rose to power in Egypt and Pharaoh honored him with a gentile bride, daughter of the high priest of On, named Asenath. She would become the mother of Ephraim and Manasseh. Her Egyptian name was dedicated to a pagan idol, so she symbolizes a secret doctrine ultimately defeated by Christ.

The Electronic Skin Tattoo

It’s thinner than a hair and practically invisible, but adheres to human skin without glue. Its self-powered circuits broadcast in- formation about its wearer, from medical data to personal information. Technology and despotism are on a converging course. This device is a true candidate for “mark of the beast.”

Bob’s Review of Future Congress 2011

From the moment I walked into the conference in Branson, Missouri I knew I was part of something special. We had 28 speakers lecturing for 3 days on 55 different subjects that until recently were completely off the radar; subjects you won’t hear about in the media or at most churches, and certainly not within the average person’s sphere of influence. Learn more about what we heard!
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Eschatology 101: The Incredibly Cryptic Psalms

This is Section Two of a teaching text that J.R. developed for presentation in a classroom setting. It is centered upon the fact that the Psalms are far more than songs of worship and praise. They are a diary of the struggles in the life of latter-day Israel, written far in advance of their actual fulfillment, which he believed we are seeing in the present era.