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New Books For August 2012

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The string of “must-have” products continues! Mike Hoggard spends 6 hours examining the Nephilim in a new DVD series, Ancient Giants. The Coming Global Transformation offers an MP3 version of War of the Worlds! Will a worldwide UFO appearance be the cover story? Power Quest 2 pulls back the curtain on Uncle Sam to expose a possible American Antichrist! Say what? Read more

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New Books for July 2012

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It’s here! Watchers 4, the sequel to The Watchers series has arrived! L.A. Marzulli is pushing the supernatural envelope to new heights, traveling far and wide to chase down the proof behind the Nephilim legend! Torah codes? Near-death experiences? Don’t miss Revelation Road, an instant classic on Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 and the upcoming wars in the Middle East! Read more!

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Bob’s Corner: God’s Ghostbusters

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Vampires, ghosts and werewolves, oh my! The Stemwinder returns with Gary and 14 authors, who’ve each contributed a chapter to God’s Ghostbusters . The “dark side” may be darker than you realize. Read Bob’s review of Tom’s new book now.

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New Books For October 2011

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L.A. Marzulli tracks the trail of the serpent from his heavenly home, to the Garden of Eden, through the nightmare of the Nephilim and on to the Lake of Fire in Cosmic Chess Match. Rob Skiba has produced two shocking DVDs exposing Egyptian mythology, Zeus and the Mt. Hermon-Roswell connection. And the pictures from the Hubble Telescope have never looked so good! Check them out.

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The Mystery of Asenath

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One of Israel’s greatest heroes, Joseph, rose to power in Egypt. Pharaoh honored him with a Gentile bride, daughter of the high priest of On, the city traditionally called Heliopolis. Her name was Asenath, and she married Joseph. In time, she became the mother of Ephraim and Manasseh. But as an Egyptian priest’s daughter with […]

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Gary and Bob Talk About Giants

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The “Days of Noah” were a dark time for humanity. You won’t hear this in church, but the biblical account of the Genesis 6 giants, a hybrid race orchestrated by Lucifer and the fallen angels, is one of great importance. Gary and Bob look at the Bible’s view of the Nephilim and Enoch’s apocryphal perspective, and discover the real reason for Noah’s flood. HERE!

Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Part 3

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In our last installment of this study, we came to the Lord’s Olivet discourse, in which He used the great Flood of Noah as an illustration of conditions in the latter days. In His response to them, He used the life of Noah prior to the deluge as an illustration of social and cultural life […]

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Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels

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Editor’s Note: This article, from the January, 2007 magazine, represents J.R. at his best. In it, you will learn how the fallen angels infiltrated this world, and how they befriended the tribe of Dan and consorted with them. Why did Satan choose Mount Hermon as the site of their arrival? What does the Book of […]

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Bob’s Corner: The Watchers

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Marzulli is a man on a mission. He speaks of “casting off the shadows of doubt and ridicule” and warning the world of a shocking event. Some mock his message, others are open-minded, but require proof. So Marzulli has given them what they asked for — convincing proof. Read the whole review here.

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