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Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit Live Streaming Schedule

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This is the current list of presentations that will be streamed live online. Get your live streaming ticket here. 1. Cris Putnam—ET Disclosure: The End Time Delusion? 2. Douglas Hamp—The Antichrist, Freemasons and the Third Temple 3. S. Douglas Woodward—The Final Babylon: An American Nightmare 4. Jonathan Cahn—The Harbinger Continues & The Mystery of the […]

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Live Streaming the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit

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Live streaming is coming to the Summit! This new, spectacular, high-definition transmission is quickly becoming the way to watch big events come to life, all from the comfort of home. No need to travel hundreds of miles, incurring major expenses. We’re bringing the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit to you!

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July 2013 Magazine

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There is one generation that will not see death. Are we that final generation? Gary examines the words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse and reaches a startling conclusion! No doubt we live in the age of apostasy, but is there any hope for America? What does the Bible say? AND, Bill Salus updates the elusive search for peace in the Middle East. Read it.

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New Products For July 2013

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Russ Dizdar, LA Marzulli, and friends held a one-of-a-kind prophecy conference. Focusing on the manipulation of man’s DNA, The Chicago Summit discussed some controversial subjects. Cloning, super-soldiers, the Nephilim and Facebook! Steve Quayle and Ken Johnson have both released fascinating new books on the Fallen Angels. New info on this subject is everywhere! Read more!

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Watchers 6: L.A. Marzulli & Richard Shaw Part 1 & 2

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L.A. Marzulli takes you places few men have gone before. In his latest DVD, Watchers 6, he travels to Peru, where he and a team of archaeologists combed the jungles for Nephilim hybrids. Marzulli believes these hybrid giants fled the Promised Land and began building a worldwide grid system designed to control the world. How bad were the Days of Noah? Watch it!