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The Millennial Day Concept

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Each of the Six Days of Creation Represents a thousand years of Human activity on this Earth – then the Judgment will come. Read lesson 4 »

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Literal Versus Allegorical Interpretation of Scripture

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If you are concerned about
rightly dividing the Word of God, then you are involved with a subject biblical scholars call hermeneutics. According to Dr. A. Berkely Mickelsen, hermeneutics “designates both the science and art of interpretation.
Read lesson 3 »

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The Importance of Prophetic Studies

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Eschatology can be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile adventures in the Christian life. The Bible offers an inexhaustible supply of types and symbols. It seems that every chapter in the Old and New Testaments contains prophetic implications. Over and over again the same prophetic patterns seem to emerge. God’s plan of the ages is taught throughout on several different levels. Read lesson 1 »

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