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February 2013 Magazine

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Our February magazine asks that age-old question, Are We Living in the Last Days? Israel remains the centerpiece of Bible prophecy as Gary explores the hidden Hebrew language. He then explains the Fourfold Doctrine of the Antichrist, uncovering the lies of the coming deceiver. Finally, J.R. Church takes a deep look into the book of Revelation. Read it all here.

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Bob’s Corner: Join Us Up In Colorado Springs

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Bob is going back home. I always knew this day would come. This coming July, I’ll be leaving Oklahoma and heading 646 miles west, back to my favorite place—my home right before I moved to Oklahoma in September of 1993. Wow. That was almost 20 years ago! Where did the time go? What a great […]

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Fall Feasts and the Budding of the Fig Tree

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Hidden within the Jewish Holy Days you will find an amazing prophetic adventure. These are no ordinary days. The late Grant Jeffrey described them as “Appointments with Destiny.” Are these days prophetic of future events to come? The Rapture? The Tribulation? Gary and Doug Hamp explore a subject foreign to most Christians, but incredibly important! Watch it!

Bob’s Corner: The Doug Hamp DVD Collection

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Doug Hamp made quite the impression in Branson. He’s produced a set of DVDs on some fascinating subjects—the prophetic nature of the Jewish Feasts; Adam’s body of light before the fall; the corrupted DNA he passed down to every man (with one exception!); and what our heavenly bodies will be like! Bob reviews the Doug Hamp DVD Collection, a wealth of knowledge. Read more!

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New Books For October 2012

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Direct from Israel comes a 2013 Jewish Calendar, celebrating the beautiful mountains of Israel. It’s joined by a 658-page tribute to heaven and the afterlife, Eternal Perspectives. Tom Horn’s produced a 515-page book dedicated to the late prophetic groundbreaker, David Flynn, containing two books on Mars; NASA, the Nephilim; the Temple; 2012 and Isaac Newton! Read more!

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