October 2012 Magazine

By on October 1, 2012

Islamic-Christian Alliance In Israel

A new “Islamic-Christian” commission has been formed in Jerusalem. Its declared purpose is to rid Jerusalem of its Jewish residents and give the ancient city an Islamic identity.
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Zion The Rock

In Scripture, the Rock as a figure of Christ is mentioned many times. Originally it was the Rock that provided water in the wilderness. It also symbolizes the Rock of Israel’s defense. Finally, the Rock is Mount Zion, itself.

Ask Gary

Gary has received many questions concerning Ezekiel 29, and the prophecy of Egypt’s coming 40-year period of desolation. This month, he takes three of the most representative queries, as he addresses the subject once again.

New Books For October 2012

Direct from Israel comes a 2013 Jewish Calendar, celebrating the beautiful mountains of Israel. It’s joined by a 658-page tribute to heaven and the afterlife, Eternal Perspectives. Tom Horn’s produced a 515-page book dedicated to the late prophetic groundbreaker, David Flynn, containing two books on Mars; NASA, the Nephilim; the Temple; 2012 and Isaac Newton!

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Bob’s Corner: Doug Hamp DVD Collection

Doug Hamp believes Adam was originally clothed in an amazing garment of light. After the fall, his DNA was permanently altered and he began to pass a corrupted Y chromosome down to every man in history—with the exception of one man, Jesus Christ. Doug Hamp’s exceptional DVD collection will leave you wanting more.

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Eschatology 101: The Twenty-Two Jewish Festivals

J.R. Church and Gary Stearman worked together on many projects. This month, we include one of J.R.’s presentations that was based on a discovery, made by Gary, concerning the Feasts of Israel.

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