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By on September 29, 2011

Why Is There A Rapture of the Church

The Bible speaks of Christ’s return for the Church as happening imminently – at any moment – without the necessity of any event coming to pass between the present time and His coming. Why is the Rapture even needed and why don’t many modern churches even discuss it?
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Growing Fiction of Superior Space Aliens

Thinkers and theologians alike are now being swayed toward a modern myth, that we’re being visited by space aliens. These strange gods are already appearing in forms designed to make them accept- able to modern man. In reality, they are exactly what they’ve been for thousands of years in our past and the Bible exposes the truth.

A Non-Existent God

A prominent pastor of the Netherlands’ leading Protestant denomination declares Jesus is a myth and God is non-existent. Klass Hendrikse, a Dutch pastor who can only be called an atheist, proclaims that God is not a real being … that what we call God was essentially invented over the years by imaginative human beings.

Bob’s Review: God’s Ghostbusters

God’s Ghostbusters introduces readers to the strange and the super- natural as 16 authors carefully expose a world you’ll hardly recognize: examining just how much our lives have changed since the dawn of the 20th century. Like the unsuspecting frog, boiling to death in a pot of hot water, Satan has spun a sneaky web of deceit that has lured us into his warped world. This book is an eye-opener!
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Eschatology 101: The Song of Moses

J.R. Church’s thorough study on the Song of Moses remains a classic. Few scholars understand the subtle links between Old and New Testament connections with Moses’ words. What does the Song of Moses have to say that is so important? Until now, it has been a little known and often overlooked part of Scripture. Is there a fascinating discovery waiting to be made?

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