October 2010 Magazine

By on September 29, 2010

The Illusion of Middle-East Peace

For the past couple of decades, Israel has been treated to a variety of peace conferences, all of them equally worthless. The most recent meeting at the White House featured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposing that, in the name of peace, Israelis would consent to be governed in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority. He offered Mahmoud Abbas the compromise that Jews living in the West Bank would remain there as “Palestinian citizens” after this territory becomes part of the new Palestinian state.
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The Tabernacle of David

Almost 200 years before the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, the prophet Amos wrote about a future raising of the Tabernacle of David. His prediction about David’s tabernacle implied that something dreadful would happen to Solomon’s Temple — though Amos did not specify what that might be. James quoted the Amos passage in the book of Acts. But the two passages do not read exactly the same. Why is there a difference in the two Scriptures?
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Patiently Waiting…Patiently Watching

Gary Stearman offers his seventh installment of the Pre-Pretribulation Rapture. The hope of an imminent rapture was a powerful part of the first-century church. At the time Paul wrote his epistle to the Thessalonians — around A.D. 51 — Israel was still in the Land. It would remain there almost twenty years more, until the Romans destroyed the Temple in A. D. 70 and began to banish the Jews to the four corners of the world.

Don’t Believe in God?

Atheists are buying billboard space across America this month to let people know that they represent a growing trend. The billboard is truly a sign of the times. According to The Oklahoman, “… the coalition is made up of four ‘free thought’ groups … Oklahoma Atheists, Norman Naturalism Group, University of Oklahoma chapter for the Center for Inquiry on campus and OKC Secularist Parenting.”

Drought and the Conflict in Israel

Over the last few years, Israel has been slowly losing its water supply. Furthermore, both the Israeli and Arab populations have been steadily growing over the years. Demand for water is rising as the supply diminishes.

Bob’s Corner: The All New ProphecyInTheNews.com

Looks like you’re already experiencing this month’s review. Bob’s Corner talks about our new web site and what new content it offers for free online.
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Eschatology 101 (Chapter Ten)

This chapter covers the subject: “The Anatomy of a Dream.” Dreams were among the earliest contacts with God. This article shows how, even today, inspiration can impact a person’s thinking and produce marvelous results.