November 2012 Magazine

By on November 1, 2012

The Birth and Death of Modern Jordan

This article discusses an aspect of Bible prophecy that has been generally overlooked. It has to do with the fact that Jordan is a new nation, created in 1921 by the British. Both the Bible and contemporary events now taking place speak of Jordan’s impending demise.
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Proclaims: The Mahdi is Coming Soon!

On September 26th, 2012, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the United Nations. With religious zeal, he repeatedly declared that a spiritual person, called the “Mahdi” would soon return in glory, accompanied by Jesus Christ in person! How can he say this? What does he believe?

Ask Gary

This month, Gary answers two questions. First, he answers a question about Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees, as He quotes Psalm 82: “I said Ye are gods.” Second, he answers a three-part question about the saints who appeared at Jesus’ crucifixion.

New Books For November 2012

Direct from Israel comes a 2013 Jewish Calendar, celebrating the beautiful mountains of Israel. It’s joined by a 658-page tribute to heaven and the afterlife, Eternal Perspectives. Tom Horn’s produced a 515-page book dedicated to the late prophetic groundbreaker, David Flynn, containing two books on Mars; NASA, the Nephilim; the Temple; 2012 and Isaac Newton!

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The Entebbe Package

Bob explores the Jonathan Netanyahu life story and the 1977 Entebbe raid as you have never seen it. Experience this new book and DVD foritsrangeofhumanexperience; taking you from military victories and battlefield encounters to heart-rending weddings and sad and emotional funerals.

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Eschatology 101: God’s Chosen People

In this article, J.R. deals comprehensively with the ironclad fact that the Jews are God’s chosen people. Furthermore, they are inseparable from their Promised Land. This study gives you the irrefutable facts with which to challenge those who teach that contemporary Jews have no inherent right to the land of Israel.

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