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November 2011 Magazine

By on November 1, 2011

Target: Tel Aviv

The so-called “Arab Spring” has contributed to a shift in the tenuous balance of Mideast Politics. As Egypt changes its regime and Syria is stressed by ongoing protests and unrest, leaders in the region have escalated their war talk — openly threatening specific targets within Israel. In response, the Israelis are naming their own targets.
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The Seven Year Tribulation: Day of the LORD

There is an ongoing discussion in prophetic circles today that is preoccupied with the length of the period known as the “Great Tribulation.” Does the Tribulation really have a seven-year duration, or does it last only three-and-a-half years? Gary provides some answers.

Socialism: Rottenness of the Bones

Envy is one of the most powerful negative forces in existence. King Solomon depicted it as ultimately self-destructive. Today, many who deem themselves unfairly treated by life begin to seethe with envy; enticed to do so by those in power, who tell them that they are entitled to more and more. In the process, they shift power and money in their direction.

Bob’s Review: The Rob Skiba Package

Bob reviews two thought provoking DVDs from Christian filmmaker Rob Skiba. Our ancient past holds many secrets that seem to be coming to light in our day; subjects hinted at in the Bible, but not fully revealed. These great DVDs are loaded with unique, ground-breaking material, all coming from a sound biblical perspective!
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Eschatology 101: The Millenial Day Concept

In his teaching series, J.R. Church brings another long-forgotten teaching of the ancients back to life. A correct understanding of biblical prophecy can only be discerned as we build upon the basic knowledge of orienting ourselves to the way the prophets and apostles interpreted history. Otherwise, we will misinterpret everything.

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