New Books for November 2011

By on October 30, 2011

The Lost Shipwreck of Paul (book)
by Bob Cornuke

Chapter 27 of the Book of Acts tells a fascinating story about Paul’s shipwreck experience. Luke’s account goes to extraordinary lengths, describing the event in elaborate detail. Have you ever wondered why? Bob Cornuke, the former California SWAT team member and police investigator certainly has. What he has discovered is truly the stuff of legend.

Bob believes he has found the 4 anchors from the ship that carried the Apostle Paul, then a prisoner of Rome. Bob’s treasure map experience, not his first one by any means, led him to the island of Malta, where this fascinating story begins. Combining his love for biblical archaeology and the lure for a bigger than life adventure, Bob takes on another enormous challenge, all to prove the veracity of the Scriptural account.


The Lost Shipwreck of Paul (DVD)
by Bob Cornuke

Chapter 27 of the book of Acts tells a fascinating story about Paul’s shipwreck experience. Luke’s account goes into extraordinary, descriptive detail, adding facts and tidbits about the experience that could only be of use to a treasure hunter. Yes, a guy like Bob Cornuke. Bob’s been all over the world searching for the treasures of the Bible; Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant among them. This time Bob’s biblical research led him to the tiny island of Malta, where he believes he has located the 4 anchors that the Roman ship carrying the prisoner Paul dropped in the water during a terrifying storm. Get an up close and personal view of the island, the characters who became a part of this great treasure hunt and the actual Roman anchors, all of which add to the intrigue of this fascinating archaeological discovery. This is a rare find for the ages and the DVD shares the excitement of the moment.

DVD 35 minutes


American Goddess: Lucifer’s Torch
by Pastor Michael Hoggard

Prepare to be stunned. Pastor Michael Hoggard exposes a secret that will shake you to the core. The Statue of Liberty, the symbol of American freedom, was created by French Freemasons and given to their American counterparts as a special gift. This treasure was an indication that it would be America that would lead the world into the New World Order. Lucifer’s secrets are now out in plain sight and Lady Freedom has been unveiled in a new light for all to see. Pastor Hoggard takes us to ground zero, inside and outside the statue, to reveal its occultic, Masonic, Luciferian symbolism. We didn’t want to believe it. We still don’t want to believe it, but after watching this DVD and seeing the things the public never sees or hears about, there can be no doubt. That torch in the lady’s hand belongs to that despicable master of deceit, the fallen angel, the “light bearer,” Lucifer!

If you’ve never seen one of Mike Hoggard’s presentations before, you’re in for a real treat. He’s a ball of fire and pulls no punches when it comes to exposing the truth. He’s quickly becoming one of our ministry’s favorites and will soon be appearing on our television program.


Mormonism’s Temple of Doom
by Bill Schnoebelen

Is Glenn Beck going to heaven? Is Mormon theology Christian-friendly? Will we soon have a Mormon President? Make no mistake; ex-Mormon, Bill Schnoebelen, lays it all on the line in a powerful two and a half hour DVD that exposes the frightening truth behind Mormonism. Are Jesus and Lucifer really spirit brothers? Can man become his own God? What happens in the secret Mormon Temple rituals? How are they similar to the occultic rituals of Freemasonry and witchcraft?

This is far and away the best DVD on the subject we have ever seen. Bill is a great speaker and has a great way about him that makes people like him and listen to his wisdom on this subject. Since he’s already been a Mormon insider, he knows of what he speaks. Many years ago, Bill was a Mormon elder and a high level occultist. He was a faithful member of the church for 5 years and went to the Temple many times. In this leadership capacity he was able to see the Luciferian underbelly of the Mormon Temple rites.

This DVD exposes the un-biblical nature of Mormon theology and explains why it remains a deceptive cult, speaking in Christian terms, but not speaking of the same Christ. He also shows how the history of the Mormon church and it’s founder, Joseph Smith, have been altered over the years, resulting in a circus of lies and deceptions.

Most importantly, as we enter an election year, Bill explains the political ambitions of the LDS Church and explains why Glen Beck and Mitt Romney are so interested in reaching a Christian audience. The Mormon Church has a strange interpretation of the US Constitution. You’re going to want to see their version of America’s future and the astounding secrets they keep well hidden in the Mormon Temple in Washington D.C.

Next time you hear a knock on the front door and the young men in white shirts show up, be prepared to give them an answer! Or perhaps you should keep this DVD handy for sharing with them.

DVD 2.5 hours


The Holy Land Calendar
by Bob Cornuke

Finally, after 32 years, Prophecy in the News has a calendar! This 16-month Jewish/Christian calendar follows both the Jewish/Lunar and the Gregorian/Solar calendar systems and has many unique and valuable features that Christians will find critically important. It features the beautiful Holy Land paintings of Scottish painter, David Roberts (1796-1864).

Here are a few of its important features:
1. A complete listing of all of the Jewish Feast Days, plus it shows how Jesus was fulfilled in each of these Divine appointments.
2. The calendar contains all of the Synagogue Torah readings from all over the world, including suggested New Testament texts.
3. Each of the Feast Days and their meanings are fully explained, giving Biblical understanding to these important dates on the calendar.
4. The 12 paintings included in the calendar are all suitable for framing.
5. The calendar is good for 16 months, from September 2011 to December 2012.

Quantities of this calendar are limited, so place your order ASAP!