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New Books for June 2012

By on May 30, 2012

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here
by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam

For more than 800 years Catholic and Evangelical scholars have pointed to a dark augury having to do with the “last Pope.” The prophecy, taken from St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” is among a list of verses predicting that each of the Roman Catholic Popes, from Pope Celestine II to the final Pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign heralds the beginning of the great apostasy.

According to this prophecy, which was hidden away in the Vatican for hundreds of years, the next Pope, (following Pope Benedict XVI) will be the false prophet who leads the world’s religious communities into embracing the political leader known as Antichrist. Unfortunately, as readers will learn, time for avoiding Peter the Roman just ran out!

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Raised For His Glory: What Does Ezekiel 36-39 Say About Israel?
by Fred DeRuvo

There is a good deal of talk today about peace in the Middle East. There is also a great deal of acrimony where Israel is concerned because of the peace process and its failure. Insults and vitriol are routinely placed at the feet of Israel due to their alleged unwillingness to foster peace with their surrounding Arab neighbors. This is expected from the world. It shouldn’t come from people who call themselves Christians, yet this is increasingly becoming the norm throughout Christian circles.

People do not realize how they contradict themselves. On one hand, they say that Israel controls the foreign policy of the United States. They say that “the Jews” control the media. On both counts, they are dead wrong. Logically, does it not stand to reason that if the Jews controlled the media there would be far less acrimony towards Israel than there is today? Instead, what do we have in the world? We see tremendous sympathy towards Arabs and Muslims and the world’s collective hearts goes out to those “poor Palestinians” within the Land of Israel. The world believes that these people have gotten a raw deal and that the fault lies with Israel. I wonder where they got that idea? The “Jewish contolled media” perhaps?

So what does the Bible teach about the Land and the nation of Israel? Is God done dealing with the Nation as many believe? Is He now focusing solely on the Church and can we rightly assume that from Ezekiel 36 forward, where God is describing specifics about Israel, he’s really referring to the Church?

190 pages


Last Days Diary

Last Days Diary
by Samuel Hoyt

Many fears are wrapped up in global issues and events and whether they signal doomsday, or the end of the world as we know it. That is the very thing this book is about. Terry James goes to great lengths to analyze the scenarios that Jesus and the prophets of the Bible foretold indicating the soon return of Christ.

Last-Days Diaries presents these commentaries in a journal format to provide a running narrative of what in the world has been going on for the past two years—a highly significant period of time for students of biblical prophecy. This book unveils just how close we are to the Tribulation hour. The progression of these long-prophesied issues and the march of these unfolding events ignites a burning necessity to look more deeply into these critical matters in the immediate future.

422 pages