New Books For August 2012

By on August 1, 2012

Ancient Giants Vol 1, 2, 3
by Mike Hoggard

Pastor Mike Hoggard has produced three DVDs on the ancient giants of Genesis 6, the Nephilim—perhaps the most comprehensive study ever completed, almost 6 hours of material in all.

Volume 1- Ancient Giants: Origin of Pagan Religions Vol. 1
Volume 2- Ancient Giants: Origin of Pagan Religions Vol. 2
Volume 3- Ancient Giants: Origin of Freemasonry

3 DVDs


The Coming Global Transformation: An End Times Audio Presentation
by Eternal Productions

Examing UFOs, Marian Apparitions and The Search for Truth

Bill Salus, a recent guest on the set of Prophecy in the News and the author of Isrealestine and Revelation Road couldn’t contain his excitement about this new MP3, The Coming Global Transformation. For almost 3 hours, Eternal Productions spins a tale of intrigue that combines end-times prophecy with a fascinating story of what might happen in the days ahead. All of the things we’ve speculated on over the years are built into this novel presentation, including a mass disappearance of the church, a plausible explanation, spectacular Marian apparitions (lying signs and wonders), the soon coming prophecies of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, the identity of the Queen of Heaven, and the eventual appearance of Antichrist.

This pseudo-sequel to “War of the Worlds,” is right at your fingertips in one fantastic and entertaining story. The world will soon undergo an amazing transformation as Satan and his demonic hordes touch down on planet Earth. Take note that this is an MP3 audio and can only play in a computer, or in a car equipped to play an MP3 disc.


Power Quest 2

Power Quest 2: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America
by Doug Woodward

In this compelling sequel to Power Quest Book One: America’s Obsession with the Paranormal, S. Douglas Woodward reveals the hidden history of Nazi infestation of American institutions after World War II. Beginning with the 1952 flying saucer flap over the nations capital and concluding with the CIA’s clandestine mind control agenda of the 1950-1970s, the reader is confronted with highly charged and seldom known facts. The story centers on America’s alliance with German fascism, linked to the infamous personalities of Hitler’s Nazi Party, who escaped the war crime trials at Nuremberg.

In this second volume of Power Quest: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America, Woodward brings to the reader the recently declassified proof that America has often shunned its most noble ideals. He uncovers a vast record of unethical and deceptive Federal activities committed in Washington’s dark corners of political power, condensing mountains of highly reliable research, compiled by authoratative investigative journalists and insiders, along with his own well-tuned analysis, demonstrating that the political and spiritual evil of Nazism was often excused and encouraged by American officials as part of a blind quest to fight Communism during the Cold War. Woodward’s account is a factual history most American’s have never heard. Doug offers an alternative view to the typical eschatological position asking, “Could America be the seat of power for a literal personage the Bible calls the Antichrist?