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New Books for April 2012

By on March 30, 2012

The Greatness of the Rapture
by David Olander

Outside of salvation there is no more important subject and doctrine than the rapture of the Church. It’s the first time Christ meets the entire bride all at once—the ultimate resurrection and a great day of celebration! Yes, the Bible clearly states that we’ll all be delivered from the wrath that will come upon the whole world.

David Olander, distinguished professor of Biblical languages at Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute in Ft. Worth TX, has written an exhilarating, hard-hitting and dynamic work on a greatly misunderstood subject. Olander carefully examines the differences between Israel and the church; clearly explains the Day of the Lord in it’s entirety; examines the doctrine of immanency; the role of the Antichrist; the last trump; signs and wonders; and the timing of the rapture. This could be the definitive work on the subject! Don’t miss this book!

246 pages


The Cult of 33
by Pastor Mike Hoggard

This DVD is Mike Hoggard at his very best! Luciferians brag that the numbers 33 and 11 are the most sacred numbers in their world. Numbers play an important part in Scripture as well. The number 33 is the sum of 11-11-11 and many wonder if this date has special significance in Bible eschatology, or if there is esoteric meaning behind events of history.

Through the Old and New Testament Scriptures of the KJV, Pastor Mike Hoggard studies the number 33 to reveal startling connections between the Temple of the human body, Jesus’ death on the cross, God’s signature in all of creation, the journey of the 13 crystal skulls, 33rd degree Scottish rites, 33rd parallel, religious/social convocations, KKK, commercial logos and paradigm shifting events, suich as the 9-11 tragedy, the JFK assassination and many other bizarre and unusual events.

The study wil startingly show that the beast of Revelation—the man of sin—has a corresponding signature and timely biblical wisdom that will help devoted students of the Bible disern between the real Jesus and the fake Jesus!

80 minutes


Ancient Messianic Festivals

Ancient Messianic Festivals
by Ken Johnson

If you haven’t read any of Ken Johnson’s magnificent books yet you’re in for a real treat. His latest work, fresh off the press, is his best book yet, peaking our curiousity in areas that we’ve heard about, but haven’t expored in the detail that Johnson reveals. The Messianic rituals give great detail on the first coming of the Messiah, including the date on which He would arrive, the manner of His death, and the birth of His Church. You will also learn details of the many disasters that befell the Jewish people throughout the centuries on the ominous 9th of Av.

These ancient rituals speak of Natzal, a rapture of believers, and a terrible time called the Yamin Noraim. They give a rather complete outline of the seven-year Tribulation Period, including the rise of a false Messiah. They also tell of a time when the Earth will be at peace in the Messianic Kingdom.

In addition to the 7 Messianic Festivals, you will learn the prophetic outline of other ceremonies like Hanukkah, the new moon ceremony, the Jewish wedding ceremony, the ashes of the red heifer and the ancient and occult origins of Halloween. You will also learn of other prophetical types and shadows mentioned in the Bible.

169 pages