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By on May 1, 2013

The Pentecost Prophecy

For many years, we have studied the details of the Jewish Festival of Pentecost. It lies at the center of Israel’s seven feasts. In it, we find a beautiful picture of redemption, past, present and future.
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Pentecost: Type of the Rapture

About seventeen years ago, we began detailed and extensive studies showing the myriad ways in which Pentecost lays out a perfect and specific overview of the Church Age. It began on Pentecost, and may well be caught up on the same day.

Ask Gary

Gary answers questions two frequently-asked questions. The first deals with a defense of the Pretribulation Rapture in general. The second answers a common error, namely, the assertion that the church will not be caught up until after the Antichrist exalts himself.

New Products For May 2013

Giants in America? L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar hosted the Nephilim Mounds Conference from the home of the Serpent Mound where gigantic Nephilim once walked the Earth! Here’s the spectacular proof! In 2011, Terry James had a heart attack, died and came back to life! Read the story of his trip to the other side! And read the Jewish perspective on the Last Days!
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Bob Reviews Exo-Vaticana

There’s a Vatican Observatory in Arizona that seems designed for one sole purpose. It appears they are searching the heavens for intelligent life and can’t wait to roll out the red carpet when the aliens arrive! Tom Horn and Cris Putnam are back with another blockbuster book. Bob reviews their latest best-seller!
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The Feast of Weeks

This article by J.R. Church is one of his best. Like the other articles in this issue, it is a detailed study of the prophetic aspects of Pentecost. But this article concentrates on the Jewish cultural aspects of the festival.

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