May 2012 Magazine

By on May 1, 2012

Weather Insanity?

The controversial subject of Global Warming has sunk to a new low. It is now being suggested that those who don’t believe in it should be treated as mentally defective!
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Be Encouraged – Study Prophecy

Burned out on the Bible? You should look again at the encouragement that comes from the knowledge of prophetic Scripture. Hope, enthusiasm and motivation will result from your own personal study.

Ask Gary

Readers and viewers often send us their Bible questions. This month’s questions bring up the topics of Ezekiel 38 and the Two Witnesses. Send Gary your questions!

Bob Reviews: The Judgment Seat of Christ

Bob takes a look at a timely new book this month, The Judgment Seat of Christ. The author, Samuel Hoyt, tackles the tough questions concerning this divine appointment with Christ—an appointment all Christians will experience firsthand.

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Eschatology 101: Revelation – Calculating the Mark

Continuing J.R. Church’s classic study series … this month’s Eschatology 101 article is all about numbers in Scripture, and the basis for calculating the Mark of the Beast. This may motivate you to begin your own work on the study of biblical numbers.

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