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By on May 1, 2011

J.R. Church: A Life Remembered

Gary Stearman recalls the nearly 25 years that he spent working side-by-side with J.R. Church. Their partnership yielded some of the most noteworthy breakthroughs in the study of Bible prophecy.
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Jesus, J.R. and Me

The bright orange U-Haul pulled into the Prophecy in the News parking lot on Monday afternoon, September 6th, 1993. Bob Ulrich had arrived from “Col-a-ray-dough” in the most round-about of ways. J. R. Church was there to meet the family, offering them a soft place to land after a life-changing experience. The words of Gary Stearman still ring true today, “God cannot greatly use a man until he has broken him first.”
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We Are Called Unto Eternal Glory

This article comes from an inspirational sermon that J.R. preached as a young man. Its words are a great encouragement to us all, but were especially meaningful to J.R. in his closing months. It became the subject of his last television message to his followers and was printed in the December, 2010, magazine.
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Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels

In Genesis 3:15, God spoke about the “seed” of the serpent, saying that at some point in the future, Satan would introduce the seed from which the Antichrist would spring. In this fascinating article, J. R. did some deep research into the history of the site where it is said that the fallen angels arrived on this planet, both before the Flood and afterward.
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Review: The Final Prophecies DVD

It’s been a long time since Bob Ulrich has been this excited about a DVD. When Bob saw the massiveness of the Red Sea and put the Exodus miracle together visually, the Bible took on new meaning. You will want to see The Final Prophecies, one of the best prophetic DVDs ever made and a real soul-winning tool. As a global cataclysm approaches, this DVD provides real answers to the world’s confusion.
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Eschatology 101: Seasons of the Day

In this portion of his continuing study on prophetic reasoning, J.R. shows how the seasons of the year are used as metaphors in biblical prophecy. His series was originally written as a beginners classroom study, covering all the basic elements that come into play as one studies the Bible.

Superman Marries Lois Lane

What is Superman doing in the pages of a magazine on Bible prophecy? Here, J.R. probes the famous super-hero’s Jewish roots, as he delightfully demonstrates that the original comic- book theme was actually adapted from the Bible’s prophecy of a coming Messiah.
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