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March 2011 Magazine

By on February 28, 2011

The Mystery of the Golden Calf

Can there be a connection between the Apis bull calf and Israel’s golden calf? Did you ever wonder why Aaron and the Israelites built a golden calf? Why not a golden fish? Or lamb? Or lion? Or some other symbol in the Zodiac? Why a calf? Learn why J.R. Church thinks the answer lies in the Israelites’ long exposure to the religion of their Egyptian taskmasters.
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The Story of Jephthah

Learn about Jephthah, one of Israel’s judges, rejected by his brethren, only to be sought after and accepted when the big battle came. Surely, this man of God is a type of Jesus Christ, Who was also once rejected by His brethren, and Who will be accepted one day when He returns in power and great glory.

Satan’s Long Long Story: Part 4

In this, the latest installment of Gary’s series, he delves further into the history and office of the class of angels known as “cherubs.” Today, Satan still operates upon the basis of conventions and protocols that find their origins in ancient days. This poses large questions, both on the nature of evil and the prophetic reasons for its continued existence.

An Angel Over the Temple Mount?

If not a hoax, the recent appearance of a UFO directly over the Temple Mount may be one of the most remarkable signs since Israel became a modern state in 1948. Was it an angel? If so, what was it doing there? Many unusual things happened in the1st century, before the Temple was destroyed.

Jordan Too, Will Fall

Like Egypt, Jordan has been experiencing recent protests, with activists seeking to destabilize the kingdom. Major changes are on the way, fomented by Islamic radicals who believe that their time has arrived. What does the Bible say about this unrest and what are the implications for the security of the region and especially for Israel?

Bob’s Corner: KJV Archaeological Study Bible & the Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible

Bob Ulrich reviews two excellent study Bibles this month. The Zondervan (KJV) Archaeological Study Bible celebrates the 400th anniversary of the 1611 King James Bible; The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible (also KJV) offers solid, dispensational, pre-millennial theology from someone you can trust to handle God’s Word, well- known author and theologian, Grant Jeffrey.
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Eschatology 101 (Chapter Fifteen)

This chapter covers the last of three installments on the subject: “The Gospel in the Stars.” The ancient constellations actually tell the entire story of the Dispensation of Grace, beginning with the birth of Jesus Christ and concluding with His return. The sign of Taurus opens Act Three, showing us the coming of the Judge of all the earth!

Egypt: Revolution and Prophecy

History is being replayed in Egypt, reminding us of the fall of the Shah of Iran and the rise of the Ayatollahs. There is also an alarming prophecy that hinges upon the relationship between modern Egypt and the nation of Israel: the destruction of the Aswan High Dam.