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June 2012 Magazine

By on June 1, 2012

Sounds Out of Heaven?

All over the world, strange sounds are being reported. They range from trumpet choruses to loud explosions and the sounds of metallic collisions. Do they have a supernatural origin?
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The Incredible Number Eight

In Scripture, the number eight has long been associated with the new birth. But you’ll be amazed to discover just how much more the Bible has to say about this remarkable numeral.

Ask Gary

Readers and viewers often send us their Bible questions. This month, two questions are asked about different aspects of Daniel 2:43. Send Gary your questions!

The J.R. Church TV Studio Fund

Yesterday was a big day in the history of Prophecy in the News. Four new high-definition television cameras are now on their way, a major investment that will allow us to take our program to a new level of clarity and to a vast new audience! Thank you, one and all, for your faithfulness and generosity!

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Eschatology 101: Chronology of the End Time

Continuing J.R. Church’s classic study series, this month’s article is a fascinating study of end- time events from the perspective of Christ’s Olivet Discourse recorded in Matthew 24.

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