July 2011 Magazine

By on July 1, 2011

Israel Declares Independence

America’s own Declaration of Independence marked a change in the relationship between the common man and his leaders. We champion representative democracy and individual liberty. But we have come to view modern Israel, the only representative democracy in the Middle East, as the aggressor, and her enemies as peacemakers.
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Gary Stearman On His New Book

The Bible is the only nonfiction book whose major characters actually report movement through time, after which they return and record what will happen. My new book, Time Travelers of the Bible, presents an expanded view of this fascinating subject, bringing to light the biblical view of dimensionality, which is possibly the most intriguing topic in all Scripture. It also brings clarity to God’s plan to restore our broken universe through the cross of Jesus Christ.
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Prophecy of Two Ravening Wolves

We deal here with a significant aspect of Bible prophecy. Jacob’s deathbed prophecy to the twelve tribes was at least partially real- ized in the lives of two prominent men who lived a thousand years apart. Each of them had a mission of ultimate importance to the Messianic Kingdom of David. And each demonstrated the depth of prophetic Scripture.

Unbridled Anger in the “Last Days”

Have you noticed that civility and temperate behavior are disappearing in a fog of hostility and dismissive impatience? You’re not alone. And what we’re seeing is simply a manifestation of the social conditions that were long ago prophesied for the latter days.

Review: The Ancient Book of Enoch DVD

What is it about the Book of Enoch that stirs the imaginations of men? Was Enoch viewed as authentic Scripture by the early church? Does it really give us the names of the fallen angels, in- side information on their great sin, and the details of their plea for mercy and ultimate imprisonment by God? J. R. Church and Gary Stearman explore The Ancient Book of Enoch in five spectacular hours of study captured on DVD!
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Eschatology 101: The Mystery of the Menorah, Pt. 3

This section of J.R. Church’s lengthy study continues his inves- tigation of the fact that the Jewish Temple Menorah is the original pattern for the “sevens” of Scripture. It opens with the seven “last sayings of Jesus” from the Cross, and proceeds to the meaning of the nine-branched Menorah of Hanukkah, which opens the way to a series of “nines” of the New Testament.

There Really Is A Tower of Syene

Last month’s cover story brought several animated reader reviews suggesting that a huge tower at the Aswan High Dam may be the one mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel.