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January 2014 Magazine

By on December 31, 2013

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Before the Day of the Lord

There is a little-discussed prophetic period of time that is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments. It seems to be several years in length, and features many references to the supernatural and astronomical disruptions that will come before the Day of the LORD.
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Dispensationalism — A Reality and a Hope

Dispensationalism, as we know it today, emerged in the 19th century, just as the Jews began their trek back to the Holy Land. Its prophetic patterns are built around a Scriptural interpretation lost during the Dark Ages, as church authorities began to teach that Israel had been replaced by the church.

Ask Gary

This month, Gary answers a question about the Flood of Noah, and whether or not Noah’s contemporaries knew of the coming cataclysm. He also answers a question about the “seed of men” in Daniel 2:43.

New Products For January 2014

L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw are at it again, going places few men have gone before. Watchers 7 and Further Evidence explores the burgeoning UFO phenomenon with the world’s leading experts on the subject. See real footage of UFOs flying in and out of volcanoes and first hand footage of their extraterrestrial craft. A War on Christmas you say? A great read!
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Bob Reviews Watchers 7 and Further Evidence

L.A.Marzulli and Richard Shaw have done it again, going where few men have gone before. Fresh off of their blockbuster DVD, Watchers 6, they shift their focus back to the burgeoning UFO controversy. In a startling 83-minute documentary they reveal things never before seen or heard by mankind. When was the last time you saw a UFO fly straight into a volcano? Bob reviews the new DVD and the companion book, Further Evidence.
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The Best of J.R. Church: The Day the Light of the World Went Out

J.R. was quite interested in examining the connections between astronomy and biblical events. In the late 1990s, five lunar eclipses occurred on Jewish holy days, leading him to a fascinating study on important astronomical phenomena on historical dates in Israel and their significance, relative to the twelve tribes of Israel.

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