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By on January 2, 2013

A Rampant and Growing Madness

Lately, as they see their beloved society lapse into public insanity, many Christians have begun to despair. A kind of madness seems to have become standard behavior. We shouldn’t be surprised. Using graphic terminology, Paul told us to expect this phenomenon.
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You Might Be an Apocalypticist

Yes, “apocalypticist” is a real word, though it takes a heavy dictionary to find it. It refers to someone who is a little more than mildly interested in events of the latter days … a zealous student of Bible prophecy. Actually, the Bible urges this pursuit.

Ask Gary

This month’s questions cover three areas of interest: Is Nephilim DNA present today? Another writer asks about the biblical view of cremation. Finally, we deal with a question often discussed among Christians: Can you lose your salvation?

New Products For January 2013

The Book of Enoch was written to people in the Tribulation Period. Full of shocking information on the fallen angels, Noah’s flood and Enoch’s visions of the future, it makes for fascinating reading. Psalms of the Heart is a tribute to King David’s harp and Hebrew prayers; while Doug Stauffer’s new 888-page tribute, defending the KJV Bible, is truly an amazing work.
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Bob’s Corner: The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger

Bob reviews two wonderful DVDs, A Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger, two of the best Christian films ever produced. Nikki Cominsky has an unexpected dinner with Jesus and the conversation is just incredible! You will enjoy these two well written presentations of the Gospel message!

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Eschatology 101: The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Part One

J.R. once taught a basic class on Bible prophecy. He called it Eschatology 101. Among his lectures were two condensed overviews of Revelation. This month, we’ll share Part One. Next month, you can read Part Two. You’ll find that he did an amazing job of simplifying a very complex book!

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