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By on January 4, 2012

2012: The Year of Fear Is Here!

The year 2012 seems more laden with dread and apprehension than any year in the last few decades. But, we haven’t been given a spirit of fear have we? Gary takes you through a list of what the world fears might be coming during this year; then countering those predictions with what the Bible says on the topic — words of faith that seem expressly directed to the fears that plague the year 2012. Psalm 112 seems to have been especially composed to ease the minds of the fearful.
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Pentecost 2012: The Rapture?

Did you know the Jewish feasts that God gave Moses have meaning beyond their initial agricultural application? And, that the Festival of Pentecost (or Shavuot) typifies the rapture of the Church in a very special way? The new year 2012 calls us once again to review this central feast among the seven biblical feasts given by God to the people of Israel.

Bob’s Review: Watchers 3

Author, L. A. Marzulli, has become a world traveler of sorts, interviewing the experts on the strange and the paranormal. Chronicling the signs of the times has become a calling, and his new DVD, Watchers 3: Fingerprints of the Supernatural, does not disappoint. The Shroud of Turin; the Bible Codes; the Arab Spring; the Book of Enoch’s predictions of the future; and the bizarre signs in the heavens — Bob takes a careful look at L.A.’s 70-minute documentary.

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Eschatology 101: The Doctrine of the Great Sabbath

Learn how the sabbath was, for Jesus, more than a day to rest from the previous 6 days of work. In this classic teaching series, J. R. Church lays out the great patterns of years, months and days that are tied to large-scale archetypes that define prophetic patterns that will eventually affect everyone in this world. The Great Sabbath is coming!

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