January 2011 Magazine

By on January 1, 2011

Will Psalm 111 Be Fulfilled in 2011?

Psalm 111 is an alphabetic psalm. The famous rabbis, Rashi (A.D. 1040-1105) and Radak (A.D. 1160-1235), both suggested that “the initial letters of the stitches of this psalm (after the first word “Hallelujah”) follow the sequence of the Hebrew alphabet” (Tehillim, Vol. 2, p. 1348). Therefore, as we approach the new year, this might be a message for Israel to look into the Sohd or “secret” level expressed in this psalm. God could have placed them in a new uninhabited land, but He chose to return them to their ancient homeland. Why?
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The World’s Greatest Love Story

The church has been called “the bride of Christ,” and the Savior is our “Bridegroom.” It is a beautiful love story. We who are the bride of Christ are anxiously awaiting the return of our Bridegroom. For an understanding of this great metaphor, let’s look back into Jewish history and consider their marriage customs. We all long for that day when we hear the heavenly shout, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!

Sixty Questions That Changed Job’s Life

The setting for Job’s drama is the land of Uz, probably located along the trade route to Egypt, east of the land of Goshen, where the Chosen People lived in the delta of the Nile River – both strongly suggest that the story is set in the era of Israel’s sojourn in Egypt. Upon learning that Joseph was still alive, Jacob took his family into Egypt. Among those who accompanied Jacob, was a youngster named Job. Genesis 46:13 tells us that Job was the son of Issachar. Follow his story in this oldest book in the Bible.

The Lust for New Life

Around the first of December 2010, NASA announced the discovery of a new arsenic-based life form. In the hours leading up to the news release, the media hinted that NASA was about to proclaim the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Instead, an eager audience was treated to the proclamation that a new form of bacterial life had been discovered in a small California lake. Why the excitement? Because of the zeal to discover life “out there.”

Bob’s Corner: The Watchers

Bob Ulrich reviews a new DVD by L. A. Marzulli, entitled The Watchers. If you’ve been following the “strange and the supernatural,” you’d know there are a lot of unexplainable things going on in the world. Cattle mutilations that have been occurring for the last 30-40 years; glowing orbs; alien implants and their surgical removal; alien breeding programs; UFO hot spots, etc. L. A. Marzulli proceeds to introduce us to this strange world. Read the review »

Eschatology 101 (Chapter Thirteen)

This chapter covers the first of three installments on the subject: “The Gospel in the Stars.” The ancient constellations actually tell the story of the Dispensation of Grace, beginning with the birth of Christ and concluding with His return.

Ixchel – The New Godess of Global Warming

For many years, the Greek goddess, Gaia, was referred to as “Mother Earth.” But, today, the Mayan goddess, Ixchel, is fast replacing Gaia. We have reminded you that the Green Movement is really a religion. Now, we have been introduced to its goddess.