February 2012 Magazine

By on February 1, 2012

The Rise of a “Jerusalem Army”

As the Islamic Brotherhood consolidates itself into a huge armed force, leaders of the Palestinian Authority are now calling for a siege against Jerusalem. Their goal is to completely remove all Jews from the great city!
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Zion: Israel Not Islam

Zion is an ideology, a spiritual concept, a prophetic symbol and a geographical location. As Mt. Moriah, it is deeply associated with Abraham and with the House of David. Ultimately, it will be the location of the Third Temple and the place of Jesus’ throne.

Ask Gary

Our readers and viewers often send us their Bible questions. Introducing our new question and answer feature, where as space allows, Gary will answer a few of the most representative ones. Send us your questions!

Bob’s Review: Power Quest

Doug Woodward is at ease navigating the world of treasure maps, cryptic codes, secret societies, conspiracies and Masonic handshakes. Bob Ulrich reviews Woodward’s new book, Power Quest, a shocking expose of America’s hidden occult roots. The truth is far darker than we’ve been told!

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Eschatology 101: The Anatomy of a Dream

What is a dream? In his classic teaching series, J.R. Church pursued this question as it is addressed in Scripture. The subject is a great deal more exciting and complex than you might think!

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