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By on December 1, 2011

Persia’s Dark Power

Ancient Persia (modern Iran) occupies a very special place in Bible prophecy. Its rulers represent the dark powers, yet God’s grace and power is manifested there. Learn how Iran’s growing antagonism toward Israel will lead to perhaps the most famous of all Old Testament prophecies.
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Those Mysterious Magi

The “wise men” we read about in Matthew’s Gospel, also known as the Magi, have been mythologized to the point that their real origin and nature are almost forgotten. This article sheds important light on these gift-bearing, travelers from the east; explaining what they were up to, and why they came to visit Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the first place.

The Real Christmas Story

Gift-giving zeal is a large part of our modern Christmas tradition with a beautiful origin deriving from the earliest days of our Lord. Gary explains how the arrival of the Magi was an act of “King-making” and how their costly gifts played a role in the life of Jesus and His family.

Bob’s Review: The Hubble Package

Bob examines two exquisite photographic books; The Heavens Proclaim His Glory; a hardback, coffee-table book, filled with dozens of colorful images from Hubble’s highly polished lens and The Heavens: Intimate Moments With Your Majestic God; a one-of-a-kind daily devotional, also with a God-honoring eye toward the heavens.
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Eschatology 101: The Millenial Day Concept in Psalm 90

In this next installment of his teaching series, J.R. Church explains the true message of Psalm 90; showing how the Prophet Moses composed this amazing song around a theme of seven prophetic days that are sequentially aligned with the seven Creation days from Genesis.

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