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Understanding the Tabernacle

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and pastor Tom Elliff give insight into the study of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and what patterns it depicts in worshiping God.

Gospel Across the Globe

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Tom Elliff take a look into the challenges faced when spreading the truth of the Gospel across the world.

In the Days of Noah

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Pastor Billy Crone discuss Crone’s major 42 week study on creation and forward on The Flood of Noah.

Understanding Revelation – Part 1

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest Dan Goodwin clarify some of the key verses in the Book Of Revelation.

Understanding Revelation – Part 2

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Evangelist Dan Goodwin continue their discussion over some of the more confusing verses of The Book of Revelation.

Why Prophecy?

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Dr. Gary Frazier explain the impact of prophecy and why it matters.