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Middle East Cauldron

Gary Stearman calls Terry James new book, Cauldron, a primer to understand the Middle East. The Satanic hatred that permeates the world’s #1 hot-spot goes way back to the Luciferian rebellion. Israel is surrounded by enemies and threats of nuclear annihilation. Will Iran launch a nuclear weapon? How long will it be before this all boils over? Watch it!

The Watchers Collection

L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw never envisioned their Watchers Series taking off like it has. Now a legitimate award winning documentary series, Watchers has produced 7 DVDs with Watchers 8 soon to hit the streets. Get the inside scoop on the next DVD in the series as L.A. and Richard preview their recent trip to Peru and their astonishing discoveries. Watch it!

Blood Moons Update with Mark Biltz Parts 1&2

The Passover holiday is almost here and Mark Biltz is back with more new discoveries on the Blood Moons and the Shemittah years! Is there a worldwide financial collapse in the wings? Will something happen April 15th when the first Blood Moon sets over Jerusalem? Pastor Biltz isn’t making any wild predictions, but we’re all watching carefully! Watch it now!

An Eye On Iran

It’s not easy to be a student of Bible prophecy in Washington D.C. Credentialed White House correspondent, Bill Koenig, has the inside scoop on the Middle East. His fascinating website,, provides the latest prophetic commentary from Israel, the Middle East and the ongoing cat and mouse game with Iran. You won’t want to miss his key insights. Watch it!

The Nephilim Trail

L.A. Marzulli is in the news these days. Fresh off another archaeological adventure in Peru, Marzulli and Richard Shaw seem to be on the verge of blowing the whole Nephilim cover-up sky high. Initial DNA testing suggests that their Peruvian discoveries—mummies, skulls and skeletons are NOT human! Is L.A. getting closer to a shocking revelation! Watch it now.

Eye to Eye with Bill Koenig

As spiraling events come to a head in the Middle East, Gary interviews a real live White House correspondent, Bill Koenig, the founder of Koenig’s International News ( Few people understand prophetic events in Israel like Bill. His best-selling book, Eye to Eye, shares some amazing conclusions about what happens to nations who defy the Lord and attempt to divide the Land of Israel. God’s hand moves swiftly! Watch it!

Lying Wonders of the Red Planet Part 1&2

Does Mars have an ancient history, hidden from man for millennia? Gary and Doug Woodward discuss the red planet and its peculiar past. Was Mars the first occupied planet? Why is NASA obsessed with its potential for life? Did Satan and his angels once occupy Mars? What about the Face on Mars and the pyramids? Watch the experts answer the Ancient Aliens Theory! Watch now!

Beast Tech with Tom Horn

Everyone knows about 666 and the Mark of the Beast. Well, ready or not—here it comes. Gary and Tom talk about Beast Tech, a well-researched guide to the technologies that are leading our world to the brink of enslavement. Is a National Identity Card coming soon? Are we all being monitored? Will all humanity be chipped by 2017? Watch now!

Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?

Leave it to Gary and the gang to tackle a subject few theologians dare touch! Do Our Pets Go To Heaven is an engaging look into the animals of the Bible and the role they play in prophecy—past, present and future. You may be amazed at how God uses these His special creations to influence humanity and history. Will we meet our pets in heaven? Watch it and see!