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Where is America? Part 2

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Dr. Gary Frazier continue their discussion on the question of whether or not America plays a role in the closing days in the history of the world. Click here to Download the E-Book

Search for the Temple Part 2

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Bob Cornuke continue their discussion over Bob’s search for the site of the Temple.

Search for the Temple

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Bob Cornuke discuss Bob’s controversial search for the sight of the Temple.

Daily Strength with Doug Stauffer

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Dr. Doug Stauffer go into details about Doug’s new book “Daily Strength Devotions for Bible Believing Study”.

Nuclear Showdown in Iran Part 2

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest Bill Salus continue their discussion about Iran’s nuclear sites and ambitions.

Ending In Revelation

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Jeff Swanson explain the eternal glory God has in store for us from past to prophetic future.

We shall be Changed

Dr. Kevin Clarkson explains the changes that we will endure preceding the rapture. Here is part 2

Iran’s Nuclear Showdown with Bill Salus

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Bill Salus go in depth with the nuclear crisis unfolding in modern day Iran and unravel the ancient prophecy of Elam. $27.95

It Could Happen Tomorrow

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Gary Frazier discuss various aspects of Frazier’s book “It Could Happen Tomorrow”.