Book of the Month: The Departure

By on November 1, 2010

It is amazing how one little word can change everything, especially when it comes to interpreting the Bible. When that one controversial word deals with the rapture of the church, it becomes bigger than life.

That one important word is found in a well-known passage of Scripture where Paul describes end-time events:

“Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (II Thes. 2:3).

The term, “falling away,” comes from the translation of the Greek noun apostasia. A strong argument can be made linguistically that the word here doesn’t mean apostasy, but “departure.” That changes everything with respect to the timing of future events. Terry James draws upon the excellent scholarship of the late E. Schuyler English, author of the book, Rethinking the Rapture, as well as several other Greek scholars. Why isn’t anyone else shouting this incredible information from the rooftops? Fortunately, you’ll find the whole story in Terry’s new book, The Departure.

The Greek term apostasia is used fifteen times in the New Testament. Of these fifteen, only three have anything to do with a departure from the faith. The Liddell and Scott Greek Lexicon defines apostasia as a defection, or a revolt. Another suggested meaning of the word is a departure, or a disappearance! I don’t know about you, but I like that translation a lot better. I find it more than a little strange that all the other English Bible translations preceding the King James translation all rendered this Greek word as departure and not apostasy. Why was it changed?

The KJV rendering of this term, “falling away,” has caused some confusion over Paul’s original intent. There is a mindset at work here that seemingly can’t be changed with debate, or a rational, biblical response. Or can it?

Terry James and sixteen of his friends put their best foot forward in 424 pages. Mixing old and new prophetic ideas, they explain the logic behind the biblical mystery of the rapture and end-times prophecy. Appropriately titled, The Departure, Terry has enlisted the help of many well-known prophecy experts whose names you will recognize. Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Jim Fletcher, Daymond Duck, Joseph Chambers and Larry Spargimino all contributed chapters to The Departure.

Each author adds his own personal take on current events and paints a convincing picture how these “signs of the times” bring us closer to God’s final plan. If you enjoy reading prophecy books and seeing how the prophecies of the Bible line up with present-day events in our world, this is a book you will enjoy immensely. It makes for a great witnessing tool as well. And, a highly-appreciated Christmas surprise!

Alan Franklin, author of an excellent book on the European Union, EU: Final World Empire, lives in England and describes everyday life with Big Brother’s surveillance technology. He breathes a sigh of relief when he comes to America, happy to get away from the oppressive eyes watching his every move. Franklin claims that there are 283 CCTV cameras that capture his image every morning as he drives the 3.1 miles to work! He broaches the subject of how someone is watching and recording our every move online and building a dossier on us for future reference.

Web sites, e-mails, Google searches; it’s all being captured and stored for another day. I was stunned to read about everyday life in Europe and the lengths they go to in order to monitor their population. Will this be life in America soon? Will new technology allow Big Brother to hear our conversations and capture our every action?

Jim Fletcher is one of my favorite writers — a down-to-earth guy with a flair for the English language. Jim has written a chapter on Zechariah’s Old Testament prophecies, nuclear weapons and America’s heavy-handed attempts to encourage Israel to dispose of their nuclear weapons in a future nuclear-free world.  Columnist, Charles Krauthammer, describes President Obama’s nuclear policy as “quite insane.” Jim agrees, but is this where we’re heading in our relationship with Israel? Would Israel ever give up their nuclear arsenal and trust the United States or the United Nations to protect them from their peace-loving Arab neighbors?

Daymond Duck adds a great chapter on global governance. Many years ago prophecy watchers were awaiting a ten-nation European confederacy that would usher the Antichrist on to the world stage. Now, we’re watching the entire world being divided into ten economic and political regions right before our eyes, just as the Club of Rome suggested in 1974. Their three-phase plan is well underway as we see Satan’s sinister plan for one-world government reach its final stages.

There is a lot more great information included in The Departure. Tom Horn and Chuck Missler include chapters on various aspects of “The Days of Noah.” Phillip Goodman addresses the Battle of Gog and Magog and adds a couple of new twists to the soon-coming Russian/Islamic invasion. Other chapters include, “God’s Plans for America,” “The 2012 Deception,” “The Temple Mount” and the latest technology on the “Mark of the Beast.” This is a must-read book for Christians!

Are you anxiously awaiting the departure? It won’t be long before our Savior steps out into the clouds and takes us home! This new book by Terry James and friends will get you excited about seeing Jesus and sharing our blessed hope with family and friends.