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Book of the Month: Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist

By on August 24, 2010

Most books are not 71-plus years in the making. But I suspect that J. R. Church’s new book, Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist, just may have been. This is not your run-of-the-mill commentary on the book of Daniel. We’ve probably got 100 books in our library that fit that description. You know the basic subject matter; the 70 weeks; the four beasts; the handwriting on the wall; Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue; the fiery furnace. These are important subjects and they are all covered in J.R.’s book, but as you might expect, these complicated subjects are examined from a different and much wider perspective.

Incorporating his knowledge of history, the early church fathers, multiple theologians, rabbinical writings, extra-biblical sources and his own insight into the Scriptures, this is the advanced manual on Daniel’s writings. This is biblical wisdom from a man who has spent his whole life preparing to write this book. I believe it is the crowning accomplishment of a life dedicated to studying the prophetic Word.

Will this book be controversial? Absolutely!

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a school-of-thought that believes the future Antichrist will be a Muslim.

As we all know, biblical bloodlines matter, as evidenced by the genealogy of Jesus. Bloodlines are important to Satan as well. It is common knowledge that in Satanism, many high-profile marriages are pre-arranged to keep the occult “power in the blood” as close to the original source as possible. Satan would like to hide the family history of the Antichrist, but J. R. seems to have uncovered his secret, hidden within the pages of Daniel.

With that in mind, you will want to follow J.R.’s map, a trail through history that leads us directly to the “Man of Sin” and his supernatural roots. The Bible gives us a lot of clues, but it takes a real historian and theologian to piece the puzzle together. Daniel 7 indicates the Antichrist will be Roman. Daniel 8 says he’ll be Greek. Daniel 9 says he’ll have Roman blood, “the people of the prince that shall come.” And Daniel 10 says the “vile person” will carry a Grecian bloodline. Which one is right? Or, could the Antichrist be an American, a European, or a member of the British royal family?

To complicate things even further, J. R. believes the Antichrist may carry supernatural, Nephilim blood and be a descendant of the tribe of Dan.

This is where the book gets really interesting. On Israel’s northern border with Syria lies a towering mountain range, Mount Hermon. In a perfect description of what the Bible calls “the high places,” Mount Hermon was venerated in ancient times for Baal worship. In fact, when they made their sacrifices, the Canaanites faced the Baal sanctuary on the mountain, much like Moslems pray facing Mecca.

Mount Hermon has an interesting history you won’t find in many commentaries. Based on numerous sources, J. R. believes this mountain may be the place where the Nephilim descended to Earth, a heavenly portal if you will. God has His holy mountain, Mount Moriah, site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, also known as Mount Zion. Satan has his special place too, in this case, Mount Hermon, the source of wicked idolatry and the horrific sin of the fallen angels. It was even renamed Mount Sion, a satanic attempt to mimic God’s sanctuary. The Battle of the Ages continues.

Many verses in the Bible connect the tribe of Dan with Mount Hermon and the Antichrist.

Dan is described as “a serpent by the way.” Not coincidentally, the tribe of Dan is left out of the tribes listed in Revelation 7 and could be considered the only “lost tribe.” And for good reason. The tribe of Dan was deeply involved in idol worship on Mount Hermon.

Nimrod was a type of the Antichrist. Do you know the secrets of Nimrod’s leopard priesthood? It appears to go back to the Garden of Eden. There is a strong possibility Adam and Eve wore leopard skins. These “garments of power” may have been handed down through the ages as treasures handcrafted by God. Some believe Enoch, Methuselah and Noah possessed the garments, until they were stolen by Ham. Nimrod is purported to have been in the possession of Adam and Eve’s original Garden of Eden garb at some point in time. How did these come into his possession? Were these the source of his legendary power?

Don’t miss J. R.’s take on one of the greatest cover-ups in Jewish history. It seems that some time ago the rabbis altered the Jewish calendar and eliminated 243 years with the stroke of a pen.

Why? They had discovered that, by using the prophecies of Daniel, one could predict the arrival time of the Messiah. Jesus created the cover-up by showing up exactly when he was supposed to! You will want to read this shameful attempt at revisionist history.

You may also want to examine J. R.’s chart of 6,000 years of human history, complete with Sabbatical Years, Jubilees, historical events and Daniel’s 70 weeks. I know it took him years to put this together. You won’t find this information anywhere else and once you read his book you will understand the incredible importance of the Sabbatical cycles, the Jubilee years and the Jupiter-Saturn connection. It seems as if the violation of God’s laws were the source of Israel’s trouble and one of the key messages underlying Daniel’s book.

God instructed Daniel to seal this book until the time of the end. Only now can we fully understand the big picture as we watch history unfoltd. Read it carefully. You will find a lot of secrets hidden within the pages of his book.