Bob’s Review: Power Quest

By on February 1, 2012

Author Douglas Woodward would have made a great character actor in one of the National Treasure movies. He’s at ease navigating the world of treasure maps, cryptic codes, hired assassins, secret rooms, conspiracies and Masonic rituals. Woodward’s fourth book, Power Quest, takes us into the dustbins of history, ferreting out the things that have been swept under the rug by legitimate historians and historical revisionists alike. Easily his best work to date, Woodward takes us places that few have been before— quite frankly places you may not want to go.

We’ve navigated these waters ourselves over the years, knowing in advance the criticism and consequences that will come our way. Angry phone calls; threatening, anonymous emails; fractured relationships; television station cancellations—the world of conspiracy is a dark and dangerous place. But Doug has the rare ability to state his case with a smile attached to his keyboard—you can almost hear him say “gotcha” in every chapter, as he pulls back the curtain of truth on the wizards behind this orchestrated evil. Our history books paint quite the picture of a once-Godly America. The Pilgrims; the Founding Fathers; the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” America is white-washed in red, white and blue and of course there are great stories to be told of America’s Christian roots. But there’s a dark side to our country’s mystical past. While the wheat may have come across the ocean-blue from England, the tares came along for the ride. The hope for a Christian America soon became the hope for the long-awaited dream of Francis Bacon, the New Atlantis, a world designed to worship shall we say, “another god.” If you enjoyed Chris Pinto’s Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers series, you’re
going to appreciate Power Quest.

Over the years, occultism became commonplace in America, to the point that by 1850, as many as 30% of Americans identified themselves as “spiritualists.” And some of the famous names will jump off the page at you. Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, frequently held séances in the White House. Thomas Edison was a great inventor but Woodward claims that Edison was a great techno-spiritualist, who tried to invent a device that would allow him to communicate with the dead! You may recognize the name of Abner Doubleday, the inventor of America’s great national pastime—baseball. Doubleday has another claim to fame. He was the publisher of the first English translation of French magician Eliphas Levi’s occult standard, Ritual and Dogma of High Magic! One day Doubleday would take over the reins of The Theosophical Society. As Woodward puts it, “who says baseball and Buddha don’t go together?”

Woodward dedicates significant portions of his book delving into the roots of American occultism and the people who laid the foundation. Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of The Theosophical Society, is one of those influential occultists. In a transparent moment she said, “ If we cannot rescue Christians from modern Christianity, at least we can aid in saving the heathen from its influence.” Blavatsky’s famous book—The Secret Doctrine—channeled from the “other side,” gave Americans an introduction to Oriental mysticism and made it fashionable to be a mystic. Blavatsky received her wisdom straight from the “mahatmas,” the ancient masters. Or so the story goes.

This New Age movement inevitably created the environment for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. As Doug proves, Hitler was far more than an anti-Semitic madman. Hitler and Himmler were “black magicians,” whose sole purpose in life was to amass occult power to rule the world. He takes us into their world and shows how Germany may have been ultimately defeated, but how Nazism survived and landed in America. Hitler didn’t build the Nazi regime alone. He had help and many of his partners in crime were famous Americans.

In 1920 Henry Ford published a book called The International Jew. In 1924, Hitler took great liberties with Ford’s anti-Semitic writings, borrowing from them liberally as he penned Mein Kampf. Ford’s motor company built military trucks for Germany rather than building airplane engines for Britain and ultimately Ford was given the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle, the highest honor possible for a non-German. And IBM? Their President, Thomas J. Watson, a well-connected Freemason, made a special effort to supply the Germans with all the equipment they needed, earning a medal for those “deserving of the Third Reich.”

When the war ended, the Nazis found their way to the shores of America, infiltrating our military-industrial complex. Nazi money clandestinely started more than 750 companies, all designed to integrate their philosophy into the American system. You’ll recognize the family names of the co-conspirators and their businesses; Bush, Harriman, Kennedy . . . but chances are you’ve never heard all the sordid details quite like Woodward tells the fascinating story. Over and over again I found myself silently asking myself . . . can this really be true?

So much more to share! Levitating monks; the mystery of the human pineal gland and the occult significance of the pine cone (seriously); ritual abuse right out of The Bourne Identity; Sharon Tate’s occult and coven connections to Charles Manson; the stolen temple treasure of King Solomon; the real 007; the real Shakespeare; and the covered up science of alchemy! Good stuff!

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