Bob’s Review of Future Congress 2011

By on August 31, 2011

From the moment I walked into the Radisson Hotel in Branson, Missouri I knew I was part of something special. Before our book table was even set up I was savaged by dozens of eager, “pre-garage sale” book buyers, anxious to get their hands on the first autographed copy of Time Travelers of the Bible or Angel Wars. Electricity was in the air! This was Tom Horn’s first prophecy conference and it was a smashing success. Tom and Nita, along with conference organizers David Hitt and Terry James, dubbed this conference “Future Congress.” One could only wish this group of men and women were running our country and planning our collective futures.

I don’t know how he pulled it off, but Tom gathered some of the top theologians, lecturers and media giants in the Christian world and kept them in Branson for three days. There were 28 speakers in all, lecturing on 55 different subjects that until recently were completely off the radar; subjects you won’t hear about in the media, or at most churches, and certainly not within the average person’s sphere of influence.

Here’s what Tom had to say about Future Congress. “Future Congress was conceived as a result of numerous veteran leaders within ministry, finance, geopolitics, and sociology, witnessing a growing chorus of questions from people concerning the short and long-term aspects of the future of society. From banking and finance to conspiracy, from new technology to the supernatural, from prepping to prophecy, people are concerned about how to adapt and thrive in the days ahead.”

One by one I watched the familiar prophetic faces come rolling in. Tom Horn, Terry James, Randall Price, Chuck Missler, Chris Pinto, Jim Fletcher, G. Edward Griffin, Doug Woodward, Noah Hutchings, John McTernan, Doc Marquis and Mike Bennett; all men we know and respect, many who have graced the stage of our television set over the years. And from what I heard during this 3-day conference there can be no doubt they brought their best stuff.

A sold out and enthusiastic crowd of 700-800 people were packed into an air conditioned conference room, listening to messages from people they’d only seen or heard on television and radio, or on the back cover of a book or DVD. The Prophecy in the News faithful came out in droves, allowing us to attach faces to their familiar names. Can you guess whom they came to hear?

Gary Stearman spoke before a standing-room-only crowd and had people scrambling for extra chairs as he mesmerized the crowd with a story only a handful of people have heard. You could have heard a pin drop as he related his personal UFO encounter, a remarkable story that’s almost too hard to believe, except for the fact that this was cool, calm and collected GARY telling the story, not some wild-eyed prognosticator! His top-secret, 40 year-old UFO experience can be found in the August edition of Prophecy in the News, but hearing it as part of a larger, more important message added new perspective to his in-flight encounter with a gigantic spacecraft. Was this a demonic or an angelic encounter? You’ll want to hear Gary’s entire story and decide for yourself.

His near hour-long message was entitled, “Lucifer Orchestrates the Alien Invasion” and it incorporated Gary’s UFO encounter, his research into the fall of Lucifer and his extensive knowledge of UFOs, flight, biblical time travel and dimensionality. I can guarantee you, the crowd never heard anything quite like this before! And I suspect that Gary was happy to tell his story to such an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd after keeping it under wraps for 40 years.

Future Congress was handled a bit differently than most prophecy conferences. Normally the entire crowd sits through one lecture after another and then they break for lunch or dinner. This conference had 9 main speakers who were given “prime time” status, including Gary and many of the names you know so well. Their 9 messages are included on 9 individual DVDs and are available to you in a set for $39.95.

I suspect this is a package a lot of people will want since this includes Gary’s amazing UFO encounter; G. Edward Griffin’s take on the Federal Reserve bank conspiracy outlined in his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island; Tom Horn’s shocking up-to-date information on transhumanism; and Randall Price’s eager pursuit of what he believes may actually be the remains of Noah’s Ark. When Gary Stearman walks out of a presentation and looks at you and says “Wow” you know it was good! And when Terry James spoke on the soon return of Christ, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

While the main speakers were sharing their wisdom, dozens of other workshops were going on at the same time. These workshops featured quite a few people I’d never heard speak before, but they delivered some of the very best messages. Russ Dizdar’s frightening lecture was called “Dark Rituals, Dark Powers.” He really shook some people up! Rob Skiba’s fascinating message was entitled “The Mt. Hermon-Roswell Connection. And Doug Woodward shocked the crowd with The Dark History of the 2012 Prophecies. Many people said these were three of the highlights of Future Congress.

It was physically impossible to see all 55 presentations, so Tom and David decided to make all the sessions available on DVD. On page 27 of this magazine you’re going to find a list of all the speakers and their individual messages, packaged together on 55 DVDs and available for $149.95. In between you’ll find multiple packages, organized according to subjects like Bible prophecy, The Supernatural and Paranormal, Science and Technology, Financial Conspiracy, Political Conspiracy, etc. These packages are available individually at prices that start at $24.95.

This conference will stretch you in ways you can’t imagine; spiritually, intellectually and emotionally and give you new resolve to face the final moments of history with excited anticipation. Jesus is coming soon and Future Congress is your wake up call!