PITN Reviews the Zenith 2016 Package

By on October 31, 2013

Zenith 2016 PackageSecreted within esoteric symbols and familiar code words you will find the plans and schemes of the New World Order’s leading luminaries. Quoting from ancient occult writings and New Age authors these scriptwriters spin their magic, giving us presidentially familiar phrases like “the angel in the whirlwind,” “fire in the minds of men,” or “a new order of the ages.” These electrified words pass unnoticed by the masses, but to the enlightened, these are their calling cards, establishing instant rapport with like- minded brethren. Dr. Stan Monteith exposed this “brotherhood of darkness” at our Pike’s Peak Summit, enriching our audience with the truth behind these carefully-crafted Masonic and Illuminati lies.

Yet if one looks in the right places, this symbolism can be found in the most familiar of places, some as close as your own wallet! Best-selling author Tom Horn has written a new book, Zenith 2016, a succinct follow up to Apollyon 2012. It takes us back to early America, establishing the esoteric roots of our country. For the uninformed, the book will represent the biggest shock of your life as you come to realize that our “Christian” nation was founded for a far different purpose than we’ve read in history books. If the name Francis Bacon, or the phrase “the New Atlantis” is unfamiliar to you, this book is a must-read. A visit to our nation’s capital finds gargoyles, obelisks, mythological creatures and a Satanic pentagram design at every turn, but you won’t find statues of Jesus and the apostles in Washington D.C. It was planned that way from the start.

Get out a magnifying glass and examine the dollar bill closely With Zenith 2016 as your guide, you’ll see the truth unfold as each design is examined for hidden occult meaning. It’s all interconnected and critically important to understanding Masonic plans for the future. That all-seeing eye on the back of the bill, hovering above the unfinished pyramid holds the hidden key to understanding just how complicated this ages-old conspiracy really is. It takes experts like Tom Horn, Cris Putman and Chris Pinto to unravel it all.

America’s money appears to contain supernatural knowledge of the future. One gentleman with too much time on his hands discovered that if you fold a $20 bill three times in a certain way you get an image of the Twin Towers going up in smoke! Even more shocking, if you turn the folded bill over, the Pentagon is on the other side and it’s on fire! Coincidence you say? If you mimic the same folding pattern on the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills, a timeline of 9-11 is exposed— from the Towers standing unharmed, to the eerie smoke of the burning buildings. So who designed our money and built this peculiar symbolism into future events? Zenith 2016 has the answers.

Several years ago I reviewed Dr. Stan Monteith’s book, Brotherhood of Darkness, an examination of Freemasonry’s Luciferian underpinnings. Quoting from Masonic Grand Master Albert Pike in the early editions of Morals and Dogma, we received confirmation that Lucifer lies at the root of Freemasonry. Pike’s writings in those early editions have now been purged and sanitized, but this ancient Babylonian Mystery religion lives on today. We find it examined under the microscope in Zenith 2016 and the fingers point to a series of religious organizations with strong Masonic connections and unimaginable wealth. In fact, a group of just 150 people control as much as 40% of the world’s riches! And they seem to have a plan.

Be prepared for the shocking truths and connection between Freemasonry and the Mormon religion. Horn goes as far as to suggest that Presidential runner-up Mitt Romney, may take another stab at the White House in 2016. Ironically, there is an old prophecy that came directly from LDS founder Joseph Smith—the White Horse Prophecy, a prophecy that predicts a time in the future when the US Constitution will be “hanging by a thread.” Smith claimed that America would be saved by this “rider on the white horse and he would be a member of the LDS church. Take it with a grain of salt if you will, but read Tom Horn’s examination of Mitt Romney’s roots, his inside connections within Mormonism and the future role for which he’s been well prepared. Could it be?

Tom believes that the years 2012-2016 carry significant meaning. He believes that the Masons have concealed not just their plans for a Masonic Savior, but the exact time of his arrival. Do the 2014 “Blood Moons” signify a defining moment? Will the Watcher angels return to Earth one day as the Book of Enoch suggests? Will recent advances in transhumanism and synthetic biology unleash dark Satanic forces, sending the Antichrist via reincarnation? Will he make his appearance in 2016 as Apollo in the flesh? Will Satan mimic the resurrection of Christ by raising his son from the dead?

What a package Tom Horn has for you today. Buy a copy of his new book, Zenith 2016 and WND’s new incredible DVD, The Last Pope? and we’ll send you two of his best selling books, Petrus Romanus and Exo- Vaticana—ABSOLUTELY FREE. (Yes, it’s really true!) Co-authored by gifted researcher Cris Putnam, these books set the stage for the arrival of an alien Savior, a man who will have the solution to the world’s problems

The Last Pope? is an amazing 53-minute travelogue to Vatican City and places abroad, where Tom Horn, Cris Putnam and various experts examine the prophecies of St Malachy. Is Pope Francis the long-awaited Peter the Roman who will lead his church into the Tribulation? Is he the Pope that St. Malachy looked for and wrote of, fulfilling a role in these last days?

Buy two—get two free. Christmas is coming! The blood moons are coming. Apollo may be coming. But thank God Jesus is coming soon!

The Zenith Package

Zenith Package