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Bob’s Review: Orlando Prophecy Summit

By on July 5, 2014



The big event has come and gone. During the last week of March, Prophecy in the News welcomed 24 world-class prophecy teachers to the Sunshine State for 3 great days of teaching and fellowship. The Orlando Prophecy Summit was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando, Florida— the place to be for 60 powerful messages, testimonials, and one-on-one interviews. We couldn’t be more pleased to bring you the complete 5-volume set of conference DVDs, now yours for the asking. Yes, it’s the next best thing to being there in person!

2,000 excited people joined us in Florida while thousands more tuned in from all across the world via our spectacular, crystal-clear, Live Streaming feed. Israel, Singapore, Canada,

England, Australia . . . they were all a part of this grand event. Our one-of-a-kind prophecyconferencescontinuetoexpand and reach into new locations. 700 attendees in Branson in 2012 was quickly followed by 1,100 in Colorado Springs in 2013— then 2,000 excited friends descended on Orlando! . . . Who knew there was this much interest in Bible prophecy? We’re just overwhelmed by the fantastic response and hope to continue to build on the popularity of these events.

With speakers like Gary Stearman, Jonathan Cahn, Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzulli, Bill Koenig, Bill Salus, Mark Biltz and Bill Federer, how could the conference be anything but successful? These are all conference headliners in great demand, men who have an advanced understanding of Bible prophecy and a unique area of biblical expertise.

Some of the stars of the show were names you may not recognize. Doug Stauffer preached his heart out defending the pre-tribulation rapture. Many people told me he was their conference highlight, fullofpassionandexcitement.BrentMiller Sr., the co-creator of the best-selling Final Prophecies DVD shared a message on the coming “pole-shift”—you have to hear it to believe it. People walked out just shaking their heads in disbelief. Richard Shaw, L.A. Marzulli’s video producer, presented two messages on ancient angelic technology and the Torah Codes, two stem-winders that had the audience eager with curiosity. Doc Marquis wowed his standing-room- only audience with several messages on the Illuminati and the great rapture cover- up. Doug Woodward presented a creative presentation on the planet Mars, it’s ancient history and the possibility of an ancient Luciferian age—pushing the envelope to the very edge. The diversity of interesting subjects and people made for a fascinating conference.

Of course many attended just to hear the latest on the blood moons with Pastor Mark Biltz, the man who “discovered” the astronomical signs in the heavens in 2008. These blood moons—solar and lunar eclipses, are an unusual event, occurring specifically on Jewish Feast Days over the next two years. Coincidence? Or something prophetically significant that lies just over the horizon? There are still 3 more blood moons waiting to make an appearance, so don’t overlook this important subject.

I sat backstage with Gary Stearman when prophecy legend Chuck Missler took the stage.Whenhefinished,Garyleanedover and quietly said, “Bob, that’s one of the most incredible messages I’ve ever heard!” But no more so than Gary’s comprehensive review of events that must take place BEFORE the Day of the Lord. Many Christians seem to think that the first three and a half years of the Tribulation are all peace and tranquility, but Gary will leave you with quite a different impression. This is one message I was able to hear and it will leave no doubt in your mind about the biblical doctrine of the rapture. Speaking of legends, you won’t want to miss the Stearman-Missler Q & A on all things prophetic. Question after question came, but nothing took these two experts by surprise.

Then the Nephilim cave-explorer/UFO- hunter took the stage—L.A. Marzulli. If you’ve never heard him speak in person, here is your opportunity to see a man who is passionate about what he does. As usual, he wowed the crowd with his latest discoveries. L.A.isnottrollingtheInternetlookingto capitalize on other people’s discoveries. He’s traveling the world, meeting with archaeologists, museum curators and locals with inside information—in other words, he’s “on the trail,” blazing new paths of his own. And we are the fortunate recipients of his exciting research.

There’s more! The secrets of the Hebrew alphabet; financial planning for the last days; comparing the Shroud of Turin with the rapture experience; a pre-Adamic Earth; the future of the Ukraine; Gog and Magog; dividing the Land; the coming Shemitah year and looming financial collapse; hidden secrets in the book of Revelation; updates on the Illuminati trading cards; even Amazing Grace played on the shofar!

This complete conference set is available for $149.95, $50.00 off the individual DVD sets. If you purchased the Live Streaming of the conference, this entire set of 60 messages, testimonies and interviews can be yours for just $99.95—a $50.00 discount. Yes, that makes the Live Streaming FREE! Remember that as we launch the Live Streaming for Colorado Springs this month.

We’ve also packaged up eight of the best conference messages in the Best Of Orlando DVD set for $39.95. And, don’t forget, we recently dropped the price of the Orlando Live Streaming to just $30.00—a great way to hear 16 messages from the Main Ballroom at a discounted price.

A few tickets remain for the upcoming Pikes Peak event at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs this July 25-27, 2014. Several well-known speakers will be joining us—Carl Teichrib, Thomas Ice, Billy Crone and Stan Deyo, so be sure to register today. Call us at 800 475-1111 from 9-5 CST. Conference registration is only available during these hours and only at this toll-free number. Make sure to ask for Linda Kay, when you call. Your support of these events by attending in person, Live Streaming and DVD sales is appreciated. This is what will keep these conferences coming! Maybe we’ll be coming to your neighborhood soon!



New Products for July 2014

By on July 5, 2014

Giants 2 DVD

Giants: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub (Available July 15th)
Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar

Last summer, Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli sponsored the Nephilim Mounds conference in Newark, Ohio, a place where they believe GIANTS once roamed the earth. Located near the Circle Mound and a few hours away from the legendary Serpent Mound, this conference focused on many of the events that took place in the 6th chapter of Genesis. That conference was such a great success, they decided to do it again with another rather well-qualified speaker, our own GARY STEARMAN!

When Gary returned from the two day event, he was astonished by what he saw there. He said quite plainly that unless you actually could see these Mounds with your own eyes, you couldn’t imagine what the GIANTS built there. Gary said it would take a crew of 20 men with bulldozers a year to reconstruct this ancient monstrosity! So what’s buried under these massive mounds? Skulls? Skeletons? Artifacts? Hmm, right up L.A. Marzulli’s alley!

While some may view this subject as somewhat bizarre and view it with a skeptical eye, these three “Nephilim experts” will convince you that these ancient Nephilim were the real cause of Noah’s Flood. Stearman provides the foundation of the study, going back into the Old Testament, taking us right into the Promised Land, to explore the different variety of GIANTS that Joshua and Caleb were ordered to destroy. Here are the 10 messages/events that took place at the sold out event.

Russ Didzar
1. Back-Breeding the Nephilim: Supercharging DNA to Create the Ultra Race
2. From Rocket Scientists to Ufologists: Manufacturing a Hybrid Creation
3. The Quest for Immortality: The Guiding Hand Cloaking Transhumanism

L.A. Marzulli
1. Giant Bones: Giant Coverups
2. Ancient Megalithic Structures: Nephilim Architecture
3. The UFO Breeding Program: Are the Nephilim Here Today?

Gary Stearman
1. What is a Giant: The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim
2. It’s All About the Seed: The Human Genome and the Seed of the Woman

The Group
1. A Visit to the Circle Mound LIVE
2. A Q & A session on the Nephilim with all three men participating



Nuclear Showdown In Iran

Nuclear Showdown in Iran: Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam (Available July 7th)
Bill Salus

A vastly overlooked ancient prophecy reveals that Iran has double trouble in its near future. Over two millennia ago, the ancient Hebrew prophets, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, issued parallel predictions about the rogue Islamic nation for the last days. Many of today’s top Bible experts are keenly focused on Iran’s role in the Gog and Magog invasion, prophesied in Ezekiel 38. This new book by the well-known author of Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed may create an instant paradigm shift in people’s way of thinking.

Nuclear Showdown in Iran: Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam is a non-fiction thriller that takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the eyes of the prophets and the mind’s of today’s key national players. While world leaders frantically try to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state, supernatural events occuring inside the country are transforming it into a Christian nation. The ancient prophecy of Elam will reveal was God has ordained, what the prophets saw, and tell you what you need to know.


Watchers 8

Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy (Available July 7th)
L.A. Marzulli & Richard Shaw

L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw are back once again with yet another outrageous archaeological adventure. Their recent trips to Peru, other places in South America, and around the world have continued to yield extraordinary evidence that reinforces the existence of the biblical Nephilim, gigantic Nephilim architecture and ancient and increased UFO activity. Did the giants of the Bible leave behind clear evidence of their nefarious activities? Were huge stones levitated by the ancients and placed into carefully constructed power centers? Were they building a network of communications that one day would envelope the whole world? Were the Nazca lines some sort of alien airport?


The Ultimate Prophecy Conference Package

By on June 1, 2014


The Orlando Prophecy Summit, our biggest prophecy conference ever, is now a distant memory. 2,000 people jammed the Renaissance Seaworld Hotel, a complete sell out, while many of our friends watched the event via Live Streaming from all over the world. What a blessing!

The LIVE STREAMING is no longer LIVE, but you can still access 16 of the best messages from the main auditorium via a Direct Response Feed for the same $30.00. You’ll have 30 days to view all 16 messages on your computer and even better, you can deduct the $30.00 from the cost of the 60+ conference DVDs from Orlando— about a month away from completion.

To sign up and watch a good part of the recent Orlando Prophecy Summit immediately, go to the PITN website, scroll down to the Orlando Live Streaming banner, complete the sign-up process and presto, you’ll find yourself in Orlando, Florida with Gary Stearman, Chuck Missler, L.A. Marzulli, Bill Salus, Jonathan Cahn, Bill Koenig, Mark Biltz and many others, sharing the excitement of this amazing event.

It wasn’t that long ago that someone told me that the traditional “prophecy conference” was dead. Bah humbug! The speakers love the enthusiastic crowds, the hotels are clamoring for our burgeoning events and the strong conference DVD sales make it clear to us that we need to keep these conferences coming! Interest in Bible Prophecy and world events is at an all-time high! Is it any wonder why?

It started in Branson in 2012 with 700 friends. Then to Colorado Springs for 1,100 excited attendees. Then on to Orlando for 2,000 people! Have you heard? WE’RE COMING BACK TO PIKE’S PEAK THIS JULY 25-27th! And yes, there are still tickets available! Where will we go next is the question?

How about back to the beginning? These conferences create quite a significant expense in editing and duplication costs. Right now our warehouse is full of hundreds of DVDs from Branson in 2012, Pike’s Peak in 2013 and from two incredible conferences that Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli conducted last year—the Nephilim Mounds Conference in Newark, Ohio, and the Chicago Prophecy Summit, a truly unique event that focused on the rise of transhumanism and the eventual move towards the re-creation of man’s DNA. We’d like to move a few of these DVD sets out of the warehouse to make room for new conferences on the horizon and we need your help.

With the variety of speakers we have and the incredible diversity in subjects, you may find yourself listening to a timely message on Psalm 83, or listening to L.A. Marzulli share his photographs of the Nephilim skulls and skeletons and real live UFOs; or you could see how the Mark of the Beast may involve the corruption of human DNA.

You’ll learn about the clandestine origins of Facebook; the Shroud of Turin as a type of the rapture/resurrection; Gary’s 35-year old personal UFO encounter; NASA and the Nazi regime; the Holographic Universe; the mysterious past of the planet Mars; the Bohemian Grove; the Judgment Seat of Christ; the Blood Moons; Stargate portals; the Mystery of the Harbinger; and the Book of Enoch. 100+ messages will be yours to keep and share with others—the Ultimate Prophecy Conference Package! All of the individual message titles for these 4 conferences can be found in our online bookstore.

If our late founder, J. R. Church, were here today he’d say, “Have I got a deal for you!” Now that we’ve cut the cost of the Pike’s Peak DVDs by $50.00 to $99.95, the four Prophecy Conference Sets vary in price from $49.95 (Giants), to $59.95 (Chicago), to $99.95 (Branson & Pike’s Peak).

Here’s our offer. Buy one or two of these prophecy conference sets and choose 4 FREE BOOKS from the 8 titles below. Buy three or four of the conference sets and receive the 8 FREE BOOKS listed below!

Buy them for yourself. Donate them to your church library. Give them away as gifts. Read them and then sell them online to recover a good part of your investment! You will be greatly blessed by these men and women who all share a love for the subject of Bible prophecy and a unique calling. Help us keep the momentum going strong. GOD IS NOT DEAD and neither is the Prophecy Conference!

The Ultimate Prophecy Conference Package

New Products For June 2014

By on June 1, 2014

God's Final Jubilee

God’s Final Jubilee
Evangelist Dan Goodwin

God’s Final Jubilee is being proclaimed by some as the most up-to-date biblical study of current events. Others are calling it a stunning wake-up call to show people how close we are to the end of the world as we know it. It’s time for the slumbering church to awake and get ready to meet the Lord. Timely subjects covered in this unique book include the 4 Blood Moons; the identity of the Two Witnesses; the 70th and Final Jubilee; The Bible’s built-in prophetic calendar; the purpose of the Tribulation; the Kinsman Redeemer; the title deed to Planet Earth; the Jewish Wedding; and 10 solid proofs for a Pre-Tribulation rapture. This book is for mature students of prophecy who want to go deeper into the Scriptures and understand the Bible at a different level.

UFOs: The Great Last Days Deception

UFOs: The Great Last Days Deception
Pastor Billy Crone

Everyone seems to have an opinion about UFOs, but most of the world has no idea what they’re dealing with. UFOs: The Great Last Days Deception is a lengthy set of DVDs by dynamic Pastor Billy Crone, who seeks to explain the source of these extraterrestrial visitors and their dark agenda. Pastor Crone covers the subject like no one has before, explaining how UFOs fit perfectly with all the qualities of demons. Crone postulates that one of the greatest lies in history is about to be foisted upon the world. What other explanation could there be for the rapture of the Church? Get educated with 11 solid HOURS of deep, detailed teaching on 10 DVDs by Pastor Crone, a real expert on this subject.
10 DVDs

As It Was In The Days of Noah

As It Was In The Days of Noah
Jeff Kinley

Author Jeff Kinley really “gets it.” This master storyteller paints a picture of what life was really like in Noah’s day. He doesn’t offer up the age-old picture of a lonely man being mocked by unbelievers and passers-by. Instead, Kinley explains the “gravity of the depravity,” focusing on the exploits of the fallen angels and the violence and lust that filled the Earth. But make no mistake; this is a real prophecy book, full of hope, clarity, and the expectation of the Lord’s soon return. This is a great book to share with both believers and people seeking sound biblical answers for the future. A great read!

Hebrew Essentials with Danny Ben-Gigi

By on May 26, 2014

Few people know the secrets of Hebrew like Danny Ben Gigi. The founder of Hebrew World graced us with his unique perspective on God’s language after thrilling the crowd at the Orlando Prophecy Summit. Ben Gigi’s Hebrew language learning courses will have you reading and praying in Hebrew in no time flat! What’s the value of praying in Hebrew?

Hebrew Essentials Package

The Hebrew Essentials Package consists of 4 products. The 3 Hebrew learning Audio CDs have been produced by Danny Ben Gigi from Hebrew World, your personal tour guide through this amazing language adventure. If you want to get a head start on speaking Hebrew, BEFORE you get to heaven, these are the tools you need and Danny is the Israeli to help you through the process.

1. The Hebrew Essentials Audio CD and charts ($29.95 individually)
2. Biblical Hebrew Essentials Audio CD and Charts ($29.95 individually)
3. Hebrew Prayer Essentials Audio CD and Charts ($29.95 individually)
4. Official 2014/2015 Blood Moon Calendar ($14.95 individually)


Hebrew Essentials


Biblical Hebrew Essentials


Hebrew Prayer Essentials