August 2012 Magazine

By on August 1, 2012

Green Religion

Dr. James Lovelock, the climatologist who pioneered the doctrine of Gaia (the worship of planet Earth), has recanted. He now says that ecology has become a “green religion,” that operates in competition with the Christian religion.
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Secular Fundamentalism

The world at large often ridicules Bible-believing Christians, scorning them as “fundamentalists,” a term that implies ignorant and gullible faith. In truth, the reverse is true: The real “fundamentalists” are liberal humanists and socialists, whose faith follows the failed dictates of Darwin and Marx.

Ask Gary

Our readers and viewers often send us their Bible questions. This month, two writers inquire about the identity of “Gog and Magog” and the subject of “War in Heaven.”

Bob’s Corner: Watchers 4

If you’re a fan of the strange and the supernatural, you’re going to enjoy Watchers 4: On the Edge. Traveling the United States, L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw, cover the gamut of controversial subjects—the Nephilim in America, near-death experiences and the secrets of altering human DNA!

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The Elect in Matthew 24

Author Douglas Hamp confronts a question which has become central in the current discussion about the eschatological basis of the Olivet discourse in Matthew 24. He makes a scholarly case that the “elect” mentioned there are Jews.

Eschatology 101: Job – A Type of Israel

From J.R. Church’s classic study series, this month’s article reviews the book of Job, illustrating the prophetic aspects, both of his life, and of his role as a Scriptural type of Israel.

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