August 2011 Magazine

By on July 28, 2011

The Story I’ve Never Told

After more than forty years, I’m finally revealing a secret that I’ve closely guarded, because most people would regard it as too bizarre to believe. Now, however, I’ve decided that the time is right to tell you what I believe to be one of the major truths of our age. Learn how this event confirms Bible prophecy that is unfolding in our time.
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What Does the Bible Say About UFOs?

Before the great Flood, fallen angels, super-beings, came from Heaven to Earth and dwelt among men, corrupting them both spiritually and genetically. Jesus said that those days would reemerge in the latter days, just preceding the Tribulation. We are now seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy.
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Russians Say: Alien Encounters Within 20 Years

In cultures characterized by atheism, societies are more than ever driven by the hope of making contact with superior cultures from the stars. Filled with fear that our world may soon be plagued with overpopulation, pollution, famine and disease they are driven to find solace in contact with ETs.

Review: Time Travelers of the Bible

The Bible is filled with supernatural moments where God intervened in the timeline of history. Time Travelers of the Bible reflects on the ancient rebellion in heaven and how God used the Cross to repair the damage and give us hope for the future. Gary takes us on a whirlwind tour of time through the eyes of the prophets to help us see the plan of redemption through God’s eyes.
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Eschatology 101: The Incredibly Cryptic Psalms

This is Section One of J.R.Church’s teaching text on the subject that he pioneered almost three decades ago. He discovered that the Book of Psalms is far more than mere poetry and songs. Instead, he saw that they are also a clear delineation of the prophetic future history of latter-day Israel. Here, J.R. presents a brief over- view of Psalms 1 through 39.