April 2011 Magazine

By on March 29, 2011

Will the Rapture Occur on Pentecost?

I cannot tell you when the rapture will occur … because I shy away from being a date setter, but, if the Lord plans to take us home this Pentecost, than there are certain things which might occur leading up to that auspicious occasion.
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Switzerland Sells Out to Islam

Author and lecturer Avi Lipkin recounts the outcome of his recent speaking tour in Switzerland. In that country, Islam has made such great inroads that their minarets (prayer towers), blaring the Muslim call to prayer, are beginning to create a disturbing degree of noise pollution. Because Avi participated in an initiative to silence this disturbance, authorities charged him with crimes against the state.

Satan’s Long Long Story: Part 5

How long has Satan been in existence? This seemingly innocuous question is, in fact, quite controversial. Some believe that God created him on the sixth day, at roughly the same time Adam came into existence. Others believe that he lived and played a major role in heaven, eons before the Six Days of Creation. Gary delves into this question, and explains why the answer is so important to the proper understanding of Bible prophecy.
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The Mysterious Prophecy of the Heart

Often mentioned in Scripture, the heart is used as a complex metaphor, expressing a number of prophetic truths in great depth. In particular, Israel’s regathering and ultimate salvation is expressed in terms symbolized by the heart. And the heart is used in contrast with the Jewish Law. In the epic saga of national Israel, nothing is more important than the ultimate softening of their heart.

Bob’s Corner: Flashpoint 2012

Flashpoint 2012, is a new book that explores some timely subjects. December 21, 2012, is drawing closer and inquiring minds want to know. Is the end of the world in sight? 11 authors have banded together to contribute some fresh new ideas to the end-times puzzle. Skilled writers like Jeffrey Seif, Jim Fletcher and Terry James will bring you up-to-speed on the latest prophetic happenings.
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Eschatology 101: Mystery of the Menorah

In this article, J.R. traces the history of the Jewish Temple Menorah, and its significance in the spiritual life of Israel. Its seven lamps are packed with numerical, symbolic and metaphoric significance. Its central lamp, called the “Servant,” depicts Christ. See how the text of the Bible is packed with “menorahs,” or groups of seven. And follow the dramatic story of how the seven lamps became eight in number at Hanukkah.

Rabbinic Controversy in Israel

A firestorm is sweeping across the Middle East. On a daily basis, epochmaking events are sweeping across Israel. This has caused influential rabbis there to openly declare that their country is poised for the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, particularly that of Ezekiel 38, and the battle of Gog and Magog. But not all of Israel’s religious authorities agree. The debate is on!