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Bob Reviews Exo-Vaticana

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Tom Horn and Cris Putnam beat the odds when they predicted the Pope’s resignation in Petrus Romanus. They’re back with another intriguing best-seller, revealing the Vatican’s search for alien life. Will the Pope welcome these “alien saviors” in 2013? Will their multi-million dollar Arizona observatory soon shock the world? Bob reviews the controversial book. Read the review

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Daily Update: March 25, 2013 The Vatican’s E.T. Connection

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Vatican Calls For a Palestinian State

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Beast Tech by Tom Horn and Terry Cook

Posted by on February 1, 2014 with 0 Comments

Everyone knows about 666 and the Mark of the Beast. Well, ready or not—here it comes. Bob reviews Tom Horn and Terry Cook’s new book, Beast Tech, a well-researched guide to the technologies that are leading our world to the brink of enslavement. Is a National Identity Card coming soon? Are we all being monitored? Will all humanity be chipped by 2017? Read it!

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New Products for January 2014

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Terry Cook, a leading expert on the Mark of the Beast has an astonishing new book, Beast Tech. He turns the tables on the NSA and the New World Order, exposing their covert plans for world domination. Terry James believes we could meet our pets in eternity. What role do animals play in the Kingdom? And we are now offering the official 2014 Blood Moon calendar! Read more

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PITN Reviews the Zenith 2016 Package

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Tom Horn has followed up Apollyon 2012 with an updated book, Zenith 2016. Tom says that several critical events began in 2012 and believes America and its hidden occult roots are on the fast track to welcome the Antichrist. Is he a man? A Nephilim hybrid? A reincarnated superhero? And how do the Freemasons and Mitt Romney fit into the plan AND, 2 FREE BOOKS! Read more!

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Bob Reviews The Final Babylon

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A review of this collective work by Doug Woodward, Douglas Kreiger and Dene McGriff, The Final Babylon challenges the old prophetic guard, presenting insights worthy of your time. Is America Babylon? Will the Antichrist arise from the USA? Will the USA be destroyed by Russia? Read it!

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Bob Reviews the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit 2013

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Our Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit was a smashing success with 1,100 in attendance and 2,000+ Live Streaming from all over the world! Bob reviews this incredible event—the speakers, their inspiring messages and the prophetic camaraderie that made this the place to be. The entire set of conference DVDs is now available for pre-order. Prepare to be blessed! Read more

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New Products for August 2013

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Doug Woodward is making waves in the prophetic community, suggesting that America could produce the Antichrist! Is America the Babylon of the Bible? WND Films follows up the Horn-Putnam best seller, Petrus Romanus, with an incredible DVD called The Last Pope? Finally, The Tower of Babel answers questions about one of the strangest events recorded in the Bible. Read more

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