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Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Part 6

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In this continuing study, we have attempted to make some chronological sense of the period immediately preceding the seven-year Tribulation, as described in Scripture. We began with the observation that the prophets Joel, Zephaniah, Malachi and others, state in plain language that certain key events will begin to happen before the Tribulation. These upheavals of […]

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Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Part 3

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In our last installment of this study, we came to the Lord’s Olivet discourse, in which He used the great Flood of Noah as an illustration of conditions in the latter days. In His response to them, He used the life of Noah prior to the deluge as an illustration of social and cultural life […]

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Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Part 5

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This is the fifth part of a study, which attempts to bring together and organize the flow of events immediately preceding the Tribulation. Two such incidents involve nations that are, at present, Israel’s sworn enemies. The Bible says that both are to be removed as major powers in the crucial period prior to the Antichrist’s […]

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Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Part 1

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Among dispensationalists, there is a tendency to think of the change from one dispensation to the next as a discrete point along a timeline. We’ve all seen the charts that mark the changes from Promise to Law to Grace to Kingdom. But each of these changes is much more than just a point along a line. Surprisingly, the Bible speaks of a long transition from the church age to the Tribulation.

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Is There a “God Gene” In Our DNA?

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It’s called “a provocative study” — Is religion a product of evolution? This is the question under consideration in the October 25, 2004, edition of TIME magazine by staff writer, Jeffrey Kluger. He said that some scientists think that the evolutionary process simply developed a genetic tendency in some people toward a feeling of transcendence. […]