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Angel Wars with Steve Quayle

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Steve Quayle is back to examine the mysterious and controversial fall of Satan and the history behind the fallen angelic realm. Did Lucifer fall during the six days of creation, or did he fall in the far ancient past? Gary and Steve peer into the original Hebrew language of Genesis 1 to shed light on Satan’s motivation for destroying mankind. Watch it!

Genetic Armageddon with Steve Quayle

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Long before transhumanism became a part of our vocabulary, Steve Quayle was writing about the bizarre research being conducted in laboratories across the world. Our DNA is under attack today like never before. The hybrid Nephilim race dominated the planet in the Days of Noah. Will these enhanced creatures return in these last days to do their masters bidding? Watch it!

True Legends with Steve Quayle

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Steve Quayle has a powerful radio and web presence and is an accomplished best-selling author on many controversial subjects. In a series of far reaching interviews Gary and Steve discuss subjects you won’t hear in church—fallen angels, biblical giants, and the genetic manipulation of man’s DNA. Steve’s new book, True Legends, is truly ground-breaking. Watch it!

New Products for March 2014

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BLOOD MOON FEVER has the world on high alert. Mark Biltz has a new book & DVD! Rabbi Kaduri had a vision from God. He claims He gave him the name of the Messiah! A year after his death the big announcement came—the Messiah’s name is—Yeshua! But he won’t appear until Ariel Sharon dies! Steve Quayle? New book? Xenogenesis? Steve claims the genetic monsters are coming! Read more

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Beast Tech by Tom Horn and Terry Cook

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Everyone knows about 666 and the Mark of the Beast. Well, ready or not—here it comes. Bob reviews Tom Horn and Terry Cook’s new book, Beast Tech, a well-researched guide to the technologies that are leading our world to the brink of enslavement. Is a National Identity Card coming soon? Are we all being monitored? Will all humanity be chipped by 2017? Read it!

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New Products For February 2014

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The red planet Mars is full of intrigue. Was there life on Mars in the ancient past? What about the Face and the Pyramid on Mars”? Does Mars have a future role in prophecy? Paul McGuire examines America’s connection to the Illuminati and our prophetic future. And who isn’t curious about the ancient giants and the great Smithsonian cover-up? Great research! Read more

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New Products for January 2014

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Terry Cook, a leading expert on the Mark of the Beast has an astonishing new book, Beast Tech. He turns the tables on the NSA and the New World Order, exposing their covert plans for world domination. Terry James believes we could meet our pets in eternity. What role do animals play in the Kingdom? And we are now offering the official 2014 Blood Moon calendar! Read more

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November 2013 Magazine

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The words of the Apostle Paul ring true today when he speaks of the great “falling away” of the church. Does this have anything to do with Bible prophecy and the doctrine of the rapture? JR Church takes us back in time to view his classic work on the mystery of the legendary Spear of Destiny and Gary tells us why the number 10 is so important in Scripture. Read more!

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October 2013 Magazine

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As the missiles fly in the Middle East Gary examines the biblical references to weapons of mass destruction. Russia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Israel and perhaps America could soon be embroiled in another rocket-fueled battle. Can you guess the hidden secret behind the Tower of Babel debacle? Could it be all about Genesis 6 and the fallen angels? Read it!

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