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Blood Moons Update with Mark Biltz Parts 1&2

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The Passover holiday is almost here and Mark Biltz is back with more new discoveries on the Blood Moons and the Shemittah years! Is there a worldwide financial collapse in the wings? Will something happen April 15th when the first Blood Moon sets over Jerusalem? Pastor Biltz isn’t making any wild predictions, but we’re all watching carefully! Watch it now!

Blood Moons with Mark Biltz Parts 1 & 2

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Mark Biltz is back with more inside information on the highly anticipated Blood Moons, scheduled to appear over Israel in 2014 and 2015. Circle this Passover on your calendar! Mark’s research into this astronomical phenomenon has people all over the world looking towards the future like never before. Are the Blood Moons tied to some major event? Watch this 2-part program!

The Blood Moons with Mark Biltz

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Blood moon fever is sweeping America and March 2014 is almost here! Do these unusual solar and lunar eclipses on Jewish Feast Days have special meaning? Will big events affecting Israel occur on these dates? Mark Biltz is back in studio 5 years after introducing the world to this discovery on the set of PITN. You won’t want to miss these programs! Watch it now!

Review: Orlando Prophecy Summit

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2,000 excited people jammed the Renaissance Seaworld Hotel in Orlando, Florida to hear 24 of the top prophetic minds share their unique biblical insights. Stearman, Biltz, Cahn, Missler, Marzulli, Salus, Koenig, Gilbert and many others wowed the crowd with dozens of scintillating messages. The conference DVDs are now available—60 messages and interviews in all! Read more!

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May 2014 Magazine

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Gary’s written two sensational prophetic studies—The Mark of God and Solomon’s Strange Prophecy of the Horseleach. God seals 144,000 Jews with a special “Mark.” Satan has his own “Mark”—666. Believers are sealed with an invisible “Mark” from God. How are these connected and how does the Nazi swastika fit in? Plus, J.R. shares an incredible study on the Jordan River.

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New Products for May 2014

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Cris Putnam is back with another blockbuster that will both shock and surprise you. These are no “round the campfire” ghost stories. ESP, psychic powers and poltergeists are the catchwords of the day and occult powers are on the rise. The Holy Land Key shares the mystery of the Jewish Feast Days while Pastor Billy Crone shares his timely prophetic insights. Learn more!

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April 2014 Magazine

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Where else but Prophecy in the News will you find articles entitled “The Prophecy of the Crown of Thorns,” “The Mezuzah Prophecy” and a deep study on Israel that could be called “The Prophecy Of Malchus’ Ear?” Malchus lost his ear to Peter’s sword. Then Israel lost her ability to hear the Gospel. Jesus healed Malchus and He’ll heal Israel too! Don’t miss it! Read more

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Blood Moons Are Almost Here!

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The first of four blood moons arrives in Israel on Passover, April 15th. Does it have any significance? War? Peace? Terror? Rapture? Bob reviews Mark Biltz’s new book and DVD from WND, a look into an event that has the whole world watching. Will you be tuning in to our Live Streaming broadcast from Orlando? Watch it even after the Prophecy Summit is over!

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New Products for April 2014

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Terry James and Tom Horn are watching the signs of the times in the Middle East. Is Israel on the brink of war or peace? Cauldron: Supernatural Implications For the Current Middle East, is a must read! Mark Biltz has released several new products on the Blood Moon phenomenon—a book, a WND-produced DVD and a brand new 2014/2015 calendar. They’re hard to resist! Read more!

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