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Prophecy Summit 2012: L.A. Marzulli

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Daily News Update: September 21, 2011 — Cosmis Chess Match with LA Marzulli

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September 2014 Magazine

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Thinkers and theologians alike are now being swayed toward a modern myth, that we’re being visited by space aliens. These strange gods are already appearing in forms designed to make them acceptable to modern man. In reality, they are exactly what they’ve been for thousands of years in our past and the Bible exposes the truth. See what else is in this month’s magazine!

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July 2014 Magazine

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Bill Salus has made another amazing prophetic discovery. Iran: Nuclear Showdown shares a hidden prophecy from Jeremiah detailing a coming calamity in Iran—the Prophecy of Elam. Is it nuclear? Gary writes about the tribe of Dan producing the Antichrist. And if you’ve never seen J.R.’s Elijah’s Mantle study, you’re going to be amazed! An exciting issue! See what’s inside!

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Review: Orlando Prophecy Summit

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2,000 excited people jammed the Renaissance Seaworld Hotel in Orlando, Florida to hear 24 of the top prophetic minds share their unique biblical insights. Stearman, Biltz, Cahn, Missler, Marzulli, Salus, Koenig, Gilbert and many others wowed the crowd with dozens of scintillating messages. The conference DVDs are now available—60 messages and interviews in all! Read more!

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New Products for July 2014

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The Orlando Prophecy Summit DVDs are now available! 24 speakers! 60 messages and interviews! Watchers 8 has arrived and it includes another Nephilim-hunting trip to Peru; infrared UFO pictures; and a baby mummy unwrapped live on camera! Dizdar, Marzulli and Stearman present the 2nd Giants Prophecy Conference, another tremendous “specialty” prophecy conference! Read more

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Blood Moons Are Almost Here!

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The first of four blood moons arrives in Israel on Passover, April 15th. Does it have any significance? War? Peace? Terror? Rapture? Bob reviews Mark Biltz’s new book and DVD from WND, a look into an event that has the whole world watching. Will you be tuning in to our Live Streaming broadcast from Orlando? Watch it even after the Prophecy Summit is over!

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New Products For February 2014

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The red planet Mars is full of intrigue. Was there life on Mars in the ancient past? What about the Face and the Pyramid on Mars”? Does Mars have a future role in prophecy? Paul McGuire examines America’s connection to the Illuminati and our prophetic future. And who isn’t curious about the ancient giants and the great Smithsonian cover-up? Great research! Read more

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January 2014 Magazine

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2014 has arrived and Gary kicks off the new year with foundational studies on the Day of the Lord and a defense of dispensationalism. Meet men like C. I. Scofield and John Nelson Darby and discover what they believed about Israel and the Lord’s return. Blood moons are on the horizon. J.R. Church addresses the astronomical signs in the heavens. Read more

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