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December 2013 Magazine

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Our Christmas issue features some fascinating new discoveries like the Tower of the Flock prophecy found in Micah 4:6-8. J.R. Church revisits the miracle of the virgin birth and the little-known “Curse of Coniah,” while Gary expounds on the importance of Hanukkah. The liberal attacks on Christmas continue, but our Christmas issue celebrates this wonderful day. Read more

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New Products For May 2013

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L.A. Marzulli is ready to shock the world. He returned from a secret trip to Peru with solid evidence that the Giants of Genesis 6 existed. He brought back stunning pictures of elongated Nephilim skulls with enormous eye sockets! Not to mention pictures of massive Nephilim architecture everywhere! Words can’t do this book justice—but 120+ color pictures can!

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TV Program: New Testament Design

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Gary and Bob are amazed by the Bible’s mathematical designs. After reviewing the Cosmic Codes, they move on to the Divine design of the Hebrew alphabet, the prophetic message of the Hanukkah Menorah and the orchestrated layout of the New Testament books. All 27 books are exactly where God wanted them! These “3 sets of 9 books” tell an amazing story! Watch it!

July 2011 Magazine

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Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu have had their moments. In Israel Declares Independence, Gary provides the scoop on their latest “line in the sand” adventure. He’ll open your eyes to a new discovery, The Prophecy of Two Ravening Wolves. Meet the two “ravening wolves” face to face! And, the Tower of Syene is real! Our July issue has the shocking picture!

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April 2011 Magazine

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Don’t miss J.R. Church’s last article, Will the Rapture occur on Pentecost? Could it be? Gary delves into the deepest, darkest questions from Lucifer’s troubled past. When did he fall from heaven? Was the earth created, or re-created? The Prophecy of the Heart, The Mystery of the Menorah and Avi Lipkin’s hate crimes! All found in the April issue.

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November 2010 Magazine

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Implantable RFID microchips appear to have some dangerous side effects. Revelation 16:2 alludes to grievous sores that appear on the bodies of men who take the Mark of the Beast. Are these RFID chips a sign of things to come? See what else is in this month’s magazine.

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